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PlayStation's 3-year plan promises more exclusives, new IPs and strengthening existing ones

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It is no secret that the PlayStation 4 is far ahead of the competition and for someone who owns multiple consoles and a PC, the aspect that draws me to my PS4 Pro the most is the brilliant exclusives. This week, we are waiting for the release of Detroit: Become Human while last month, we got the magnificent God of War.

The PS4 exclusives just keep on coming and honestly, I almost can’t keep up with playing them. Factor in the four major PS4 exclusives that will be showcased at E3 this year and we are in for one amazing ride. But what about the future? Everyone knows that the PS4’s life-cycle is ending and even though we won’t see the PS5 at E3 this year, there is no doubt left that it will be shown next year. Speaking at Sony's Corporate Strategy Meeting, Playstation head Kodera confirmed as much, as the PS4 is officially entering the end of its lifecycle.

PlayStation has a plan for the future, to be specific, the next three years (until 31 March 2021), which Sony revealed in their IR Day presentation in Tokyo, Japan. Basically, PlayStation plans to strengthen their IP portfolio by creating new ones and strengthening existing first-party games, all while also creating additional content for already-released games.

Check out some important slides from the presentation below:

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Sony also aims to mitigate the impact of the platform lifecycle compared to the past lifecycles and stabilize the PlayStation’s profit structure and “Generate cash flow by effectively utilizing 1 trillion yen network business.”

It all sounds very interesting, but the most important aspect for us gamers to take away from this is that we will be getting new first-party exclusives, new games in existing IPs and last but definitely not least, completely new IPs. Keep in mind that not all the exclusives in the next three years will be only on the PS4, but some will probably be cross-gen with the PS5, depending on what the next-gen console gets released.

What do you think about the plan for PlayStation in the next three years and which upcoming PS4 exclusives are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: IR Day presentation

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