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God of War sales continue to dominate

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God of War has been dominating video game sales charts and breaking PlayStation records since it released almost a month ago on April 20 - and it's still dominating. According to the latest boxed charts for the UK (as reported by, God of War is the top-selling game for the fourth consecutive week! And people said the days of buying boxed versions have passed.

That is a very impressive achievement, given that the game released nearly a month ago. That being said, there haven't been any contenders to take that top spot since God of War released in April, even May is looking a bit bleak until the next big PlayStation 4 exclusive, Detroit: Become Human releases on May 25. I don't see the Xbox One/PC exclusive, State of Decay 2 (releasing  May 18) pulling off a win against Detroit: Become Human.

While we're talking about God of War achievements, let's recap on what it has accomplished in its first month of release.

Fans and critics praised it as one of the best games to release on the PlayStation 4, and it received so many perfect review scores that it is near impossible to list it all. Our own reviewer called it "A game worthy of the Gods," also giving it that perfect 10/10. Sony confirmed that God of War was indeed the highest rated PlayStation 4 exclusive ever released.

God of War started breaking records within its first week of release, and took the record for the fastest-selling franchise in the UK on just physical sales alone - it knocked a multi-platform game (Far Cry 5), off the top spot. Talking about sales, it sold 30% more copies than its predecessor, God of War 3. It also filled Sony's coffers with a massive 3.1 million copies sold within the first three days of launch. I would love to know the current sales numbers for retail and digital combined. also reports that God of War now also broke another very important PlayStation 4 record; that of being the PS4 game with the most consecutive number one spots in the UK boxed charts.  The previous record holder was The Last of Us: Remastered. According to the report, God of War is easily the second biggest release of 2018 so far, and just behind Far Cry 5. Again, that's comparing a multi-platform release to a console exclusive.

Indeed, a game worthy of the gods.

If you don't own a PlayStation 4 yet, but you are contemplating purchasing one, then check out a summary of our God of War review below in Glitched. And to further assist you with the decision, you can read about the four major games (all PS4 exclusives) that PlayStation will showcase at E3 2018.

Last but not least, don't forget to enter our God of War competition, it closes on May 18th, and you don't even have to own a PS4 to win the hamper.


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"the PS4 game with the most consecutive number one spots in the UK boxed charts"

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