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Acer Global Press Conference 2018 - Where and when to watch all the gaming announcements

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Like most tech brand there comes a time in the year where you show off some fancy new gadgets and devices to the world. Acer hosts their annual global press conference once a year around April/May. Last year I was on location in New York City testing out the new devices and bringing you all the news as it happens and this year will be the same. 

Next week Monday I fly out to New York City to attend the Acer GPC and I am Acer's designated gaming person. What the brand as planned for this year is a mystery. Last year we saw the Predator Triton being announced along with some awesome HDR, 4K displays and this year I have a feeling Acer will up their gaming stance with even more devices. 

I will be taking the Acer Nitro 5 laptop with me during the trip to make sure I can get as much hands-on video content up on the Glitched channel as I can. I will also be interviewing the masterminds behind the hardware and perhaps getting in some sneaky questions about the future of Acer gaming.

The Acer GPC takes place on 23 May 2018 from 17:00 South African time. You can watch it all unfold live on the Acer YouTube channel. Here are some other important links to keep in mind if you want to watch it all.

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