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10 things you did not know about PS4 exclusive Days Gone

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Now that the storm has settled over probably the greatest game of 2018 so far, God of War, we can start looking into the future at what is coming our way and Days Gone is certainly Sony's next big one. Sure we have Spider-Man but Days Gone is a brand new IP stuck in the middle of being called a "Last of Us" clone and being compared to the State of Decay. I have watched dozens of videos and read pages of information to bring you 10 things you probably did not know about the upcoming PS4 exclusive. So let's begin.

10. It is open world

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Now I am sure most of you know this by now but I only awoke to the realization that Days Gone is set in a giant post-apocalyptic open world. Yes, I knew about the whole end of the world thing but it could have been my naive ways of thinking that it would follow The Last of Us across a chapter-based story taking place at different larger hubs. I need to stop comparing it to the Last of Us, right? According to the game director, there will be massive metropolitan areas to explore and large forests to hide away in. 

9. More than just a motorbike

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You have seen Deacon St. John in many of the trailers in the past and he seems to always have a bike around him. That is because the motorbike plays a major role in the game's exploration. Deacon will use it to get around the world as well as chase down bandits and escape hordes of the undead. This motorbike will be your lord and saviour throughout the game and you will be able to customize it, paint it and even upgrade it with some speed boosts and handling tweaks. If you are looking for a zombie-killing vehicle then this is the wrong game. According to game director John Garvin, the bike will never be a killing machine, just a faster way to get around. However, you can lose your bike. If you fast travel to an area you bike does not go with you forcing you to go back and find it. Clever, and realistic. 

8. Freakers not zombies

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Don't get it twisted. These undead creatures are no clickers, zombies, ghosts or even gnomes. They are called Freakers. In Days Gone, the wasteland is inhabited by these undead creatures and they are deadly. Whatever virus outbreak has gone down has affected even wildlife in the game which means you could even stumble into a Freaker bear, and no not the ones you meet at the club on a Saturday night either. Freakers are faster, stronger and deadlier than your average zombie and even a small handful of them can overwhelm Deacon. Sometimes the best way out of a Freaker situation is to run or drive away as they come in hordes of 300 and plus. 

7. Stealth or guns blazing

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Days Gone will give players the opportunity to decide how they want to experience it. Deacon will have various weapons and tools at his disposal as well the environment to use to either his advantage of disadvantage. He can set off an alarm to alert enemies or try his luck and sneak into areas undetected. Getting off your bike a few seconds earlier before arriving at a compound could mean the difference between life and death, given that the Freakers have great hearing. As you progress through the game, players will adapt to the challenge and explore and play the way they see fit. The gameplay is versatile which allows room for all types of gamers to play the way they want to. 

6. It will be no joyride

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Days Gone is not going to be easy. According to recent interviews with John Garvin, the game is hard and it is meant to be. I for one would hate to play an easy zombie, I mean Freaker game, so this is good news. According to the director, you will not be able to cut through hordes of zombies like you do in other games of the genre. Even a handful of Freakers can overwhelm Deacon so if you are going into an area guns blazing make sure you have the blazing part ready for when the mess hits the fan. You are not safe anywhere at any time in the game. Even if you leave your game unpaused you will probably be hunted down and ripped apart while you take your bathroom break. The game also only features one difficulty so best start practising those survival skills now. This ain't no Plants Vs Zombies game. 

5. 30+ hours of gameplay

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Days Gone is said to feature over 30+ hours of campaign and that is just the main story itself. The developers are calling this the "Golden Path". While the game will have loads of side missions to complete and activities to undertake like collectables and exploration, the game's main story will keep players glued to their screens for most of the time. The game will be set around three subplots that focus on Deacon, his relationship with his brother Boozer and NERO, the National Emergency Response Organization. It will be like having three deep storylines that intertwine throughout the game and jumps from a personal story mission to a world-saving one and then to your relationship with your brother. As soon you get bored of a character or story segment, the game will throw a different one at you that will offer something new and exciting. According to Bend, "it's a big game" so best start booking in that leave. 

4. It is all about the horde

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Remember back at E3 2016 when we first saw the game? Well, according to Sony Bend that horde was a smaller one compared to what they have planned for it. Days Gone will force you to destroy hordes of Freakers instead of running away from them. There is no escape once you alert them and the game's unique horde system makes it the most detailed showdown against the undead you will ever see. When you come into contact with a horde, it will show you the number of Freakers you have to kill and you will have to make sure you can disperse them. The game has a custom horde system that will elevate it beyond a typical zombie chase. 

3. The horde is deadly

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So the system is unique we get that but what about the encounters with them? Well, as you explore the environment you will come into contact with a few hundred if not thousand Freakers. From that moment the encounter will force you to keep running and thinking ahead as you try and escape their grasp while killing a few dozens of them as you can. According to the game director, these horde encounters are not to be taken lightly and if you see one then best stay away until you are fully prepared to take them on. A baby horde is a measly 300 Freakers so imagine what lies in store. According to Sony Bend, these horde encounters are designed to be a late-game experience where you put everything you have and have learnt to the test to fight these creatures. 

2. The world is alive

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The world of Days Gone might take place in a wasteland but it is more alive than you think. According to Sony Bend, the game will feature small social areas with NPCs, and a wide range of quest characters to meet along the way. The people and the environment will bring the game to life as much as possible and according to Sony Bend, the game already features 20 named characters that are as important as Deacon's brother Boozer. This most likely means we will see a few people die that we like and a few backstabs here and there. It is the end of the world so there are no rules. 

1. PS4 Pro enhancements


The last note is a no-brainer but the PS4 Pro will push Days Gone to a new level of visual fidelity. We recently saw God of War making use of the hardware by rendering it up to a checkerboard 4K or running it at 1080p 60FPS. Days Gone will most likely do the same. However, the most exciting feature for me will be the use of HDR that will bring the world to life with higher dynamic range. This means night time will be pitch black, daytime will have the sun that burns your reticles and the entire world will be vibrant and as the developer intended. Days Gone is the perfect game to make use of HDR and the ability to reduce the black levels to almost nothing at night will deliver an experience that you will have to see to believe. 

So there you have it. 10 things you probably did not know about Days Gone. The game is due for release in early 2019 but we will see more of it at E3 next month. We will make sure to bring all the greatness of this PS4 exclusive to you as we learn more. Check out an hour of gameplay below: 

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