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Steam Link app will let you stream games from your PC to mobile phone


At the end of May, Steam will be releasing a new Steam Link app for mobile devices that will let gamers stream games from their Mac or PC directly to their smartphones. At first, the app will release in beta for Android starting on 21 May 2018 and then roll out as a fully-fledged Steam Link app soon after. 

This does sound like great news but there are some things to take into account, naturally. The Steam Link mobile app will require you to connect to your PC via a 5GHz Wi-Fi network or a LAN connection. This means that if you are running an old-school 2.4GHz modem then you will most likely need to upgrade it in order to connect your device. The problem is not with the LAN side of the connection to your PC, rather the mobile phone connecting to your modem. There will be various options to choose from when it comes to quality so we are sure you could run 720p streams on older hardware but if you want the best then it will cost you.

There will also be no LTE support for the app at launch which means the streaming will have to be done over a local network. Steam plans to release LTE support at a later date though. As for controllers, Steam has revealed that you will be able to use the Steam Controller, MFI-compatible iOS controllers and other third-party Android controllers. It is unclear if you will be able to use say the DualShock 4 or the Xbox One controller with the built-in Bluetooth support but Steam will release a full list of compatible devices closer to the launch. 

Steam also has plans to release a Steam Video app later this year that will support various streaming sites. Users will be able to download videos offline to watch later and subscribe to different channels. Details on this app are scarce at the moment. 

This is a pretty cool move from Steam. The Steam Link app on the Samsung TV's makes the world of difference when you want to play a PC game on your big TV so there is most likely a market for users looking to play some games on their mobile phone or phablet. 

Would you ever use a feature like this? Let us know in the comments below. 

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