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South African developed Organosphere hits Steam Early Access


Organosphere, from South African developers Robert Rumney and Shari Banhegyi, has entered Steam Early Access. It is always great to see a locally developed game make its way to PC gaming’s biggest distribution platform because local is lekker!

Marco previewed the game back in August last year and his trip to virtual Johannesburg, or should I rather say “Johazardousburg”, was awesome. The game, of course, plays off in Johannesburg where a strange apocalyptic phenomenon has caused nature to turn against humanity and you have to scavenge, survive and ultimately figure out what’s going on in either first or third person perspective, all while battling massive insects and more.

The game is now in its alpha stage so it is obviously not complete yet, but you can try it out on Steam for R200, an exclusive price for South African gamers. Further, all DLC and future updates for the game will be free.

Check out our preview of Organosphere including some gameplay from the game back in August 2017 below.

Learn more about the game: SA Developer Spotlight: Organosphere - We played the survival game set in Johannesburg and it was awesome

With the Early Access release on Steam, the developers announced that:

The Organosphere Alpha is now available for PC users on Steam!!! Explore Johazardousburg and participate on the open test phase of the game. The exclusive price for South African users is only R200. Those who want to wait for the 100% finished game can wait a few months, but you can start playing today with many hours of explorable content and adventure to be had! Please feel free to submit your comments and bug reports on the steam community forum. All updates and DLC for the game are free, and various weapon upgrades and new items and locations will unlock over time during the test phase.” – Source

Again, please remember that the game is still in Early Access so expect some bugs, glitches and an incomplete product if you decide to purchase it right now. Give the developers some love by following them on Twitter and liking their Facebook page, because local is lekker!

Will you be giving Organosphere a shot and what do you think about the game’s location and idea? Let us know in the comment section below.

Sources: Facebook, Steam

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