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SA-developed Jengo achieves first stage of crowdfunding but still needs a lot of backing to reach end goal


In March, South African-developed point-and-click adventure game, Jengo launched on Fig's "Backstage Pass," and we're so happy to announce that thanks to the support of fans, it has met that first goal. The second stage is now open, which means Jengo has 29 days to reach its full funding goal of $140 000.

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At the time of writing, Jengo boasts 24 supporters that raised $29 540, which means that the game still needs over 75% of its crowdfunding goal. If ever a local developer needed all our help it is now. Call a friend, beg your family for support, do something, anything to keep the dream of Jengo alive!

"In Jengo you play as Jeff, a disgruntled gaming veteran seeking new challenges. Just like you, Jeff is looking for the ultimate game. Little does he know that his search will bring him to a strange, lonely place at the edge of the Pixelverse: a remote town called Old Meta, whose sky is blighted by a large crack which slowly consumes the land."

We've talked so much about Jengo on MWEB GameZone, why you should support it, why it's one of our most anticipated releases of 2018, and why it's one of our top five Indie games you have to play this year.

Jengo will release later this year on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch, so that means every gamer can throw their support behind the game. Jengo on Fig has nine levels of support, each with its unique incentives. An entry-level backing of 20$ will bag you a digital copy of Jengo, and your name in the credits. If you're a gamer then you should be able to afford at least $20 to support local game development.

One of the reasons why I am fascinated by Jengo is its art, that's why I went for the $125 pledge so I could get my hands on the Collector's Edition. Some of the rewards include things like featuring in the game as an NPC or even have a song written about you.

Follow THIS LINK to back Jengo.

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