Sea of Thieves might finally get the content players deserve

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Sea of Thieves is not doing very well in the world. Its lack of content and boring gameplay has left player jumping ship to other games after its beta content, which we all thought was just a taste of what the game had to offer, was indeed the entire game. Sea of Thieves is fun for a few hours but then the novelty wears off and sailing the sea becomes a tedious chore with very little to see and do. Rare is aware of these issues and plans on fixing them in the coming months with new content and updates that players will welcome with open arms. 

According to the latest Inn-Side Story, a short video uploaded by the creators of the game that covers content and updates, the team will be adding a few new things to the game soon. First on the list will be A.I enemies. Up to now, the game has one enemy type, a skeleton that comes in different forms. They are fun to fight but get boring very quickly. We are not sure what enemies will be coming but we know at least that they will be adding something new to kill. These enemies will live in the world and have their own specific event to showcase them in "cool and interesting ways". According to past videos, hostile mermaids will be on the top of that list of new enemies. 

Secondly, Sea of Thieves will be receiving new mechanics such as new communication tools and an introductory event that will introduce the enemies to the players. Starting in May, players can look forward to new content and updates in the game. This May update titled "The Hungering deep" will add the following to the game. 

  • New Trading Company mechanics
  • New incentives for completing quests
  • Making use of unused areas in the game
  • Weekly rewards

In the coming months, the "Cursed Sails" and "Shores" update will bring new content to the game too. This includes new AI threats, a new type of ship to use, and new mechanics and rewards. We don't know much about this update yet but Rare will most likely share more info in the coming weeks. 

There is no doubt a lot to look forward to if you are playing the game. If you have dropped out then maybe these content updates will be a great time to get back into the action? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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