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Jurassic World Evolution: Dr Ian Malcolm will be with you all the way

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We are all pretty excited about Jurassic World Evolution where we can finally run our own virtual Jurassic Park. Developed by Frontier Developments, the game sounds really awesome from the details revealed so far and now, the level of awesome has reached entirely new heights.

As you might have noticed from the image above, Jeff Goldblum will reprise his role of Dr Ian Malcolm (which he plays to perfection in the films) in Jurassic World Evolution. This fantastic news comes from a short video where Mr Goldblum announces he is working with the team and stating that: “I will be with you the whole game as Dr Ian Malcolm.”

The video is only 35 seconds and Mr Goldblum didn’t explain exactly how he would be with us all the way, but since the game is a management sim, I am 99% sure he will be like an advisor to the player and announce everything going on in your game, for example, “A fence has lost power over at the Velociraptor camp, proceed with caution” or something along those lines, you get the idea.

According to Mr Goldblum, the game is great and we should play it, as he reveals that: "I highly recommend it. It gets 10 Goldblums out of a possible 10 Goldblums. That’s my highest rating."

I can’t think of any game award more prestigious than that.

Jurassic World Evolution should release around June 2018 will come to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. With Mr Goldblum’s involvement, I am now more excited than ever to run my very own Jurassic Park later this year as the game is definitely shaping up to be something special.

Watch the announcement video of Mr Goldblum’s involvement in the game below and then tell us what you think about his involvement in Jurassic World Evolution in the comment section.

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