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Satisfactory teased - A new game from the creators of Goat Simulator

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Coffee Stained Studios, a Swedish indie developer and publisher, is responsible for blessing (or cursing?) the gaming world with Goat Simulator. Simply put, it is hard not to love these guys and the work they have done so far, be it with the various standalone expansions for Goat Simulator or the Sanctum series.

Now, Coffee Stained Studios is at it again as they have teased their new game, called Satisfactory, in a short trailer that you can view at the bottom of this article. It looks like more will be revealed at the Game Developers Conference 2018 that takes place on 19 March, but I have to say, I am intrigued.

The video shows what looks like a prehistoric, maybe even a bit alien-like world and then pans down to put the focus on a cute little dinosaur-like creature in a lush forest, eating a flower and doing other cute things, while all the while you can hear some mechanical construction in the background. Then finally, you see the shadow and the subsequent dust of a vehicle driving past…

That’s not much to go on, but it is clear that the game doesn’t play off on earth and that high tech and prehistoric type creatures will all be in the mix. The game’s logo (which you can see at the top of this article) looks like a gear, but on closer inspection, you can see plant shapes on the bottom side and factory buildings on the top side. Another interesting thing to note is the game’s name if you are thinking about planets being colonized to mine resources and build stuff, because: Satisfactory

Whatever the game turns out to be, Coffee Stained Studios has my attention and we will hopefully learn more soon. Those who are interested can sign up for the game’s Alpha, which is said to kick off in May this year. Even the signup page has that awesome humour that I have grown to love from the developer, I mean, it is even signed by “CEO of None of Your Business Until You’re Selected, now stop slacking and sign up.

Watch the teaser trailer of Satisfactory below and then tell us what you think Satisfactory could be all about in the comment section.

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