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How to get into the Fortnite mobile beta

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If you have been hiding under a rock then you probably missed the huge news that Fortnite's battle royale mode will be hitting mobile devices with full cross-play support. Yes, the entire 100-team free for all that you play on a daily basis will be available on your mobile phone. Best thing of all, you can sign up for the mobile beta tests right now and this guide will show you how. Keep in mind that the beta is currently only open for iOS users with Android coming soon after. 

What you need and how to sign up

In order to sign up for the beta tests, you will need to have an iOS device later than an iPhone 6S/SE, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad 2017, or iPad Pro. You will also need to be running iOS 11 or above. 

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You will want to head over to the Fortnite mobile sign up page and click on the sign up for email invite button. The site will then ask you if you have played the game before. Choose either yes or no. If you choose no you will be taken through to the Epic Games account registration process where you will be able to create an account and sign up for the beta that way. If you do play the game or already have an Epic Account then click Yes and choose the platform you play on. 

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After you sign into the account, be it with your Epic account, PlayStation Network ID for PS4 players or Microsoft account for Xbox players you will then be asked what device you own and which one you will play on. Select your iOS device and that is it. You are now listed to take part in the beta and will receive a mail when you are ready. 

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My confirmation email came through right away but the mail with the link to the App Store to download the game has not arrived yet. It will come through as soon as the beta goes live as Epic will be adding players on a gradual basis.

Are you going to give Fortnite battle royale on mobile a go? Let us know in the comments below. Take a look at the latest trailer for the mobile game below too. 

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