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PS4 exclusive Days Gone delayed to 2019


Let's be honest, when you look at Sony's first-party exclusives for 2018 there are some great ones coming our way. God of War, Detroit: Become Human, Ni No Kuni II, and of course, Spider-Man. So when a PS4 exclusive gets delayed it is not like we are starved or that it makes the world of difference. With that being said, Days Gone, the upcoming PS4 exclusive zombie survival game will not make its predicted 2018 release.

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While the game was never set in stone for 2018, it had a "launch window" of this year but according to the PlayStation site, this has been changed to 2019. Sony then confirmed the delay to USgamer but provided no details to why it was delayed. Not that we need a reason anyway as delays are normally for polish and perfection. 

Days Gone is being created by Sony Bend and began development in early 2015 with its announcement in 2016. The last we saw of the game was at E3 2017 and it looked fantastic. Although I moan about a delay, it is always needed and I say let them take as much time as they need with it. If you are looking for something "PS4 exclusively" to substitute for it then why not give Bloodborne a go. It is free at the moment with PlayStation Plus and it is a great game. Ratchet and Clank is also part of this month's lineup. As for 2018, we are pretty much sorted. 

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