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Westworld mobile game announced

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In October 2016, Westworld, one of the best new TV shows, made its debut. With Season 2 just over a month away, a mobile game based on the TV show has also been announced. Both the show and the Westworld mobile game will be get unleashed on the world and I simply can’t wait. The mobile game is simply called Westworld and it is being created by Warner Bros. International Enterprises.

For those who don’t know what Westworld is all about, you should know that the show revolves around a high tech Wild West-themed amusement park, where high-paying customers can indulge in just about any activity they desire. The park itself is populated by android hosts, but the hosts are, of course, not allowed to retaliate, no matter what the guests do to them. However, just like any other story about androids, things don’t go as planned…

If you are a Westwood fan or just curious about the mobile game, you can pre-register now and even get some bonuses when the game releases. To register, head to Google PlayStore if you are on an Android device or the game’s official website to enter your email if you are on iOS.

About Westworld mobile

The game does sound like it stays true to the TV show and I, for one, am really excited to experience it on mobile. You will be able to build the park and unlock locations as you play, create and upgrade over 170 Hosts, tend to every need the Guests desire and even tinker with the Hosts AI, fix glitches and much more.

Westworld mobile description:

Welcome to Delos. As a Trainee at Westworld, you’ve been granted access to the official Delos Park Training Simulation (DPTS), developed to help you learn all aspects of park operations and Host maintenance. Build and control the park, create and evolve Artificially Intelligent Hosts, and indulge the many human appetites of your Guests. Prove yourself as an employee, and you'll gain access to the park in ways only Westworld's creators could have designed.

Key Features:

Build and control Westworld - Upgrade the Delos facility to build, optimize, and unlock park locations such as Sweetwater, Escalante, Las Mudas, and more.


Create the ultimate collection of AI Hosts - Manufacture, collect, and upgrade over 170+ Artificially Intelligent Hosts as you create the ultimate experience for Guests.


Delight Guests and satisfy their desires - Our Guests want to “live without limits.” Match the right Hosts with Guests, in order to satisfy their every desire with these violent delights.

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Diagnose and evolve Hosts to the limits of Artificial Intelligence - Improve and upgrade A.I. Hosts by performing diagnostics, addressing glitches, and unlocking reveries.

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Are you a fan of the TV show and will you be giving Westworld mobile a shot? Check out the trailer below and then let us know what you think in the comment section.  

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