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There is a Bloodborne community event kicking off this Saturday and you should join

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From Software’s Bloodborne is an absolute masterpiece that boasts the brutal difficulty of the Souls series with faster combat and an amazing setting, the sprawling, gothic metropolis of Yharnam. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the PlayStation Plus free games line-up for March is the best month ever for the service, mostly because it includes Bloodborne.

Yesterday, the free games line-up went live for PlayStation Plus subscribers, so anyone who has a PS4 and an active subscription can now experience the game and attempt to “git gud”. Bloodborne is a brutal game and make no mistake, you will die over and over again no matter how good of a gamer you think you are. I cannot overstate just how difficult it is, so please, don’t think you will be playing a hack & slash RPG or have an easy time.

Since so much fresh blood will start flowing in the streets of Yharnam this week, a Bloodborne community even has been created called “Return to Yharnam” to revitalise the game. The event will run from 10 March until 24 March and is sure to attract a tonne of new and old players.

Event organizer, illusorywall, explains on Twitter that:

"Return to Yharnam is happening again! Begins next Saturday, the 10th! It's a coordinated annual event to surge the game with activity. A perfect time to revisit Bloodborne. This time it will be aided by lots of newcomers from March's free PS+ download. RT to get the word out!" - Source

Check out the image below for more details. Click on the image for a better view.  


You can also check out the event discussion on Reddit. Remember that this isn’t just for old players returning, even though the name makes it sound that way (it is normally an annual event). For those completely new to the experience, it is the perfect time to jump in and learn about how multiplayer works, about invasions and everything else.

It won’t be easy and I can see a lot of new players giving up, but trust me, it will be one of the best gaming experiences you have ever had if you stick with it. In short, prepare to die or “git gud”. You will know the full extent of what that means soon enough…

Will you be joining in the Return to Yharnam event? Let us know in the comment section below.

Sources: Twitter, Reddit

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