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Microsoft testing further privacy control settings for Windows 10

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In January this year, Microsoft announced that they were testing a new solution to alleviate privacy concerns for its Windows 10 users. With the Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer, users would be able to inspect all data being sent to Microsoft. This feature came after Microsoft rolled out two big changes to privacy settings with the Fall Creator's update. Now, Microsoft is taking it further with another change, this time to inking and typing recognition that have been labelled as keylogging by some. Keylogging is mostly used to gain access to sensitive information like passwords, but with Windows 10 it is used to assist with writing.

As early as September 2015, PC World released an article to guide Windows 10 users on "How to turn off Windows 10's keylogger." Microsoft already has the option available to Windows 10 users to control predictive text and speech pattern recognition (for Cortana users) via the "Speech, inking, typing, and privacy" setting where you simply select to turn the service on or off.

It seems Microsoft wants to make it even easier with a new feature that's currently being tested by the Insider Ring - the option to either have the setting turned to a "Yes" or "no" position.

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According to The Verge, the above feature will release alongside the Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer feature. They report that Microsoft is also testing a new, simpler way for Windows 10 users to control their privacy settings with the use of seven different screens that each focus on a separate Windows 10 privacy setting.

Even though there have been so many changes to Windows 10's privacy settings that give the power back to users, it is clear that concerns persist and it's forcing Microsoft to continue working on more solutions.

Do you still have concerns over how Microsoft collects personal data and what they collect from your machine? 

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