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Kingdom Come: Deliverance dev explains the delay of the highly-anticipated update

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I was enthralled by my trip to 15th century Bohemia as Henry, the son of a blacksmith, in Kingdom Come: Deliverance last month. Even though I loved the game, I noted in my review that there were quite a few issues, including bugs and two frustrating systems namely lockpicking and with regards to saving your game.

The developer, Warhorse Studios, was hoping to release an update fixing all of this and more in the next two weeks but that was over two weeks ago. Sure, we got some small update to fix a game-breaking bug in the main quest some people were experiencing, but many of the issues still remained.

Fans of the game aren’t happy that the update isn’t out yet (1.3 on PC and 1.4 on console), taking to Twitter, asking Daniel Vávra (co-founder of Warhorse), where the highly-anticipated update is and mentioning something about an off weekend he apparently took. Mr Vávra responded to fans on Twitter, stating that:

We are working on a patch as fast as we can. It takes few days to fix such a massive game and push it through console certification.

He continues by explaining:

Guys, we are working on it. But you cant expect anyone to fix some very complicated issues within hours/days. And BTW this was my second free weekend I had since November if anybody is offended that I had too much free time...” - Source

I, for one, think that the game is not only playable but certainly a great experience. Yes, there are bugs and yes, the developer is working on it. Remember that most of us don’t know what actually goes into game development and just how long certain things take to fix.

Whatever the case may be, it looks like the update should release next week sometime and even if it gets delayed again, I suggest picking up the game or if you have already, delay that journey to 15th century Bohemia until the update gets released.

Are you waiting for the big update before playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance and what do you think about the developer’s explanation for the update being delayed? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Twitter

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