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Bethesda teasing something about Prey

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While it is a bit early to be running around in the E3 rumour mill, Bethesda is not making it easy for us. The publisher sent our their E3 invites to their showcase over the weekend, the first to do so I might add, and now they are already teasing things to come. According to Bethesda's Prey Twitter account, "do we really know what's out there". 

The tease is a short GIF that shows a camera rotate from the Transtar space station towards the moon. The camera then zooms in slightly as we anticipate a reveal of sorts and well, it simply repeats itself. Could we be going to the moon or perhaps a second shadow base? Who knows?

Prey .jpg

Bethesda will most likely reveal a possible sequel or an expansion at E3 2018 that takes place on 10 June 2018. However, it could be announced sooner as this teaser has been released quite early. I could not imagine a studio teasing DLC four months before a reveal of it. Then again, it could be a Prey 2? Who knows. 

We hope to tell you more about this as soon as we can as Prey was a fantastic game. Be sure to check out my review of it here

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