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Detroit: Become Human gets release date and new screenshots

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Detroit: Become Human will release exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on May 25. It is Quantic Dream's most ambitious project yet and tells the story of three androids who "become human" because they start to experience emotions.

"With Detroit, Quantic Dream presents its most accomplished experience, a spectacular and unexpected journey full of emotions, twists and turns, dangers and hope, in the most bending story we have ever created – where every choice matters," explains David Cage Director, Quantic Dream.

Jesse Williams (Grey's Anatomy) plays Markus, who becomes the leader of the Android revolution. He also takes it upon himself to free other androids who, like himself, have started to disobey their masters in spite of being programmed to obey. Kara is played by Valorie Curry (The Following, Blair Witch), who is a new generation android designed with artificial consciousness. She starts to feel empathy towards her fellow worker androids and has to flee when she emphasizes with a little girl who is being abused by her father. She decides to intervene and disobey her owner. 

After being shown at the Paris Games Week last year, the scene received a lot of criticism from children's campaigners, but Cage insisted that it was a crucial part of the story and that he was creating something that it "moving and meaningful." The last android, Conner,  is played by Bryan Dechart (Law & Order: Criminal Intent), who resembles something like a Blade Runner that hunts down renegade androids. He is considered to be "an advanced" type android.

40541692651_61ecbf59dd_o(1).jpg 40541692731_eaa0caed23_o.jpg david cage.jpg Detroit become human screens.jpg

As with Cage's previous games, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, player choice plays a major role in the game. Cage explains that "Your actions have real and spectacular consequences," and can change the complete flow of the game. Depending on your choices you can miss whole sections of the game, which also adds to its replay value.

Another fascinating aspect of Detroit: Become Human is that any of the three main characters can die at any moment in the game, which further emphasizes their humanness. The player will at different times play as one of the three androids. Cage also explained that Quantic  Dream "developed the most spectacular 3D engine" for the game and that they pushed the limits of the PlayStation 4 to its max. Visually the game should look spectacular (better than the box art I hope).

Players can expect a deeply relevant story from Detroit, Quantic Dream as it explores complex themes like What does it mean to be human. It's a topic often featured in video games, and I hope it sparks some interesting debates from players.

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"Your actions have real and spectacular consequences"

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