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Overwatch's new hero is a hybrid engineer-tank called Brigitte

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Blizzard has announced Overwatch's 27th hero. After a couple of weeks of teases, the cat is out the bag after the studio fully revealed her last night. She is an engineer called Brigitte Lindholm, the daughter of Torbjörn. We first saw Brigitte in Reinhard's origin story, "Honor and Glory." She grew up in her dad's workshop, and, of course, wanted to emulate him. Brigitte eventually became Reinhardt's squire, (he is also her godfather), with her primary task at first being to look after his armour.

This changed as she became frustrated with having to patch things up after battles, and so she started fighting alongside Reinhardt to tend to his armour during battles as well as protecting him when needed. Brigitte is currently available for testing in the PTR, so there might be some tweaks to her gameplay before she is released in Overwatch.

What makes Brigitte a fascinating hero is that although she is a support, she also shares traits with the tank role, specifically Reinhardt. This ties in with her origin story as Reinhardt's squire, as it's logical that she would share some of his abilities, but in a lesser, more supportive manner.

Brigette Hero Breakdown

  • Overwatch's seventh support hero
  • Although she is primary support, she shares some traits with the tank - she can heal and provide protection
  • Primary weapon: Rocket Flail melee weapon that can strike multiple enemies with a single swing.
  • Whip Shot: She throws the Rocket Flail to strike at an extended range (20m total range) to knock enemies away from her.
  • Barrier shield: Throws a frontal barrier that absorbs a limited amount of damage (600 health)
  • Unlike Reinhardt's the shield, primarily protects only Brigitte and the odd teammate behind her.
  • Shield bash: She can dash forward with the deployed shield to bash and stun an enemy
  • Repair Pack: Can be thrown at an ally to provide either healing (150 health) and/or armour (up to 75).
  • Passive ability, Inspire An AOE heal (16 health/second) that is activated whenever she strikes an enemy.
  • Her passive is immune to Sombra's hack and doesn't apply to allies behind a barrier.
  • Ultimate, Rally: She moves faster and boosts all allies armour (up to 150).
  • Boosted armour remains active until removed by damage.

Brigitte will be used most effectively when the team fights around her, especially for that AOE heal and boosted armour. She can also prepare a hero just before a big attack by pumping up his armour stat with her Repair Pack. She will also be great to use to break through choke points, and as a powerful support alongside a teammate, especially with her Shield Bash. 

Brigitte can be played today on the PTR as she has been added to the server.

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