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South African Gaming Hardware Deals - The February Payday Edition

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It is officially payday and we have to be thankful that February offers us three less working days too so yay for shorter months. If you have just survived the year-long January month then February should be the first month that you can actually buy something awesome for yourself. Now that schools have been paid and stationary, which is all iPads these days have been bought. Treat o' self I always say.

Take a look at some awesome gaming hardware deals we could find this week. 

Take note that if you click on the price and it has changed then the sale is happens. 

  • LG 34-inch Ultra-wide HD 144Hz AMD Freesync - R9,599 (Rebeltech)
  • LG 24-inch FHD Monitor - R1,899 (Takealot Daily Deals) 
  • LG 24-inch FHD 144Hz 1ms AMD Freesync gaming monitor - R4,899 (Wootware)
  • AOC 24-inch 75Hz 1ms AMD Freesync - R2,145 (Takealot)
  • Samsung 27-inch Curved FHD LED Monitor - R5,199 (Takealot Daily Deals) 
  • Dell 27-inch WQHD 144Hz 1ms NVIDIA G-Sync - R8,499 (Wootware)
  • Dell 24-inch FHD Monitor - R1,899 (Evetech)
  • Acer V27HL 27-inch Monitor - R2,699 (loot) 
  • ASUS ROG Swift 24-inch FHD 240Hz G-Sync Monitor - R8,999 (Evetech) 
  • Samsung 28-inch UHD Monitor - R7,550 (Loot)
  • Dell 24-inch FHD 2ms Gaming Monitor - R2,099 (Evetech)


  • WD Green 120GB SSD - R795 (Raru)
  • WD Green 240GB SSD - R1,029 (Evetech) 
  • WD Blue 1TB internal HDD - R696 (Raru) 
  • AORUS AC300W Gaming Case - R1,259 (Wootware)
  • Intel Core-i7 8700 4.60GHz Coffee Lake - R4,499 (Evetech) 
  • Radeon RX580 8GB - R5,550 (AWX) 


  • Redragon Indra While RGB Keyboard - R899 (Takealot Daily Deals) 
  • Redragon Legend 16400DPI Gaming Mouse - R619 (Takealot Daily Deals) 
  • SteelSeries Rival 110 Optical Gaming Mouse - R599 (Evetech) 
  • Cougar Deathfire EX Gaming Keyboard - R649 (Evetech) 
  • Razer Mamba Tournament Edition Chroma Pro Gaming Mouse - R1,399 (Evetech)
  • Cooler Master Devastator II Gaming Membrane KB & Mouse Combo - R625 (Loot)
  • Speedlink IOVIA Gaming Keyboard - R289 (loot)
  • Vertagear SL4000 Gaming Chair (Red + White) - R3,999 (Evetech) 
  • Thermaltake Talon Mouse and Mouse Pad Bundle - R379 (loot)


  • ASUS ROG GL533 GTX 1050 - R13,499 (Evetech)
  • Gigabyte Sabre Pro 15 GTX 1060 6GB | Core i5 770HQ - R22,599 (AWX) 
  • Asus FX502 Core i7 GTX 1060 - R17,999 (Evetech)
  • MSI GE63VR GTX 1060 + 512GB SSD 8GB RAM - R25,999 (Evetech) 

Consoles + Accessories

  • New Nintendo 3DS XL Samus Edition - R2,999 (BT Games)
  • PS4 Pro 1TB + GT Sport - R6,499 (MHC)
  • Nintendo Switch Red/Blue console - R4,899 (Takealot)
  • Nacon Wired Controller (Blue) - R629 (Loot)
  • Nacon Revolution Pro Controller (Camo Green) - R899 (Takealot)

Did we miss anything you found? Let us know in the comments below.

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