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This is how to unlock Aloy's Horizon Zero Dawn skin and bow in Monster Hunter: World

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Something that players have been looking forward to since the release of Monster Hunter: World is the addition of Aloy's armour in the game. Capcom really took their jolly time adding it as first we were able to get the Watcher skin for your Palico, and then Ryu arrived from Street Fighter V. Finally, starting from today you can head into Monster Hunter: World and get the armour and bow. Keep in mind that this quest is a PS4 exclusive one. Sorry Xbox players.

Take a look at our video guide below. 

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Keep in mind that the armour is not actually an armour set that will give you stats boosts in anyway as it is a Theme Gear that changes the look of your character while still benefiting from the armour you have on. A skin to say the least. If you played Horizon Zero Dawn you would know that the Thunderjaw was one of the most magnificent yet frightening machines in the game and Capcom wanted the battle to unlock the Aloy skin to represent the same thing so players will be taking on the quest to kill none other than Anjanath, who is the closest representation to Thunderjaw. 

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You need to be Hunter Rank 11 or higher to take the quest on but if you are then you will be able to find the quest called The Proving at the mission board. This quest will take you into the Ancient Forest to face off against Anjanath. You can kill him or capture him but I do recommend capturing him because you need quite a lot of materials to craft the gear, one of which is quite rare, the Anjanath Gem. 

Once you have killed or captured him you will receive a Nora Brave Trophy of which you will need four to build the set gear. The set gear also needs other items too such as:

  • Nora Brave Trophy x 4
  • Anjanath Pelt + x 14
  • Anjanath Nosebone + x 7
  • Anjanath Gem x 1

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These materials are easy enough to come by and chances of you getting all of them by the time you finish the quest four times for the four Nora Brave Trophies will be pretty high. If you are struggling with the Anjanath Gem then you can always craft it using a Gold Wyverian Print which you get weekly after you complete the Limited Bounties. Once you have all the materials then head to the Smithy and craft away. You build the whole set at once and the gear does have some perks to it such as Anjanath Will, Marathon Runner and more. 

Aloy's Bow

As for the bow, the process is the same and the materials are also dropped from old Anjanath. You will need:

  • Nora Brave Trophy x 2
  • Anjanath Fang + x 3 
  • Monster Keenbone x 5
  • Anjanath Plate x 1

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So in total, you will need 6 Nora Brave Trophies and a load of Anjanath parts to make the whole set. Even if you don't use a bow I recommend you make it else you will not get a chance later when the event ends. Capcom has stated that the event ends on 13 March 2018 but it will return at a later date along with the chance to get the Watcher Eyes so you can turn your Palico into your Watcher companion.

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