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Two Point Hospital gameplay trailer breakdown

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In January this year, SEGA announced that the amazing Theme Hospital is getting a spiritual successor titled Two Point Hospital, and two of the original creators, Mark Weble and Gary Carr are working on the new game. The news was met with much excitement, as the first game was one of the best business simulation games ever made.

SEGA just released the first gameplay trailer for Two Point Hospital, with developer commentary by Weble and Carr. The video was revealed at the PC Gamer weekend and shows over seven minutes of footage. It is unmistakably Theme Hospital, but with a lot of new gameplay features and new game mechanics.

We're shown a new hospital in the village of Hogsport, Two Point County, where you begin your career as the hospital administrator, and where you'll learn the ways of the e-doctor. I take it that it serves as a tutorial before you progress to a bigger facility with a higher star rating. As with its predecessor, you'll have a budget to spend in the hospital, a reputation score, and an indication which of your friends have progressed through the same level. The latter could indicate an online component and or leaderboards for Two Point Hospital.

As with Theme Hospital, you have specific objects, e.g., cure ten patients, and make $100 000 profit for the hospital. You also have a starting budget, which you have to spend wisely as each thing in the hospital cost money; from a plant to decorate reception to a snack machine. You'll also have to hire different staff to help you run the hospital. Talking about employees, they'll have needs, and if you don't look after them, you'll have serious staff problems. Unlike in Theme Hospital, the receptionist isn't a robot, it's a "human" with needs that you'll have to keep happy with things like sufficient staff breaks.

Room building is also more advanced; it can be any shape as long as it's all connected, and you have more freedom to decorate it. Just remember; it all costs money, and at some point, you'll have to turn a profit. More items unlock as you progress, and the prettier a room, the happier the staff. Then there are the patients that you have to keep happy, and as I recall from Theme Hospital, it can be a nightmare. 

When it comes to the actual hospital construction, there's a handy overlay that turns red when you're placing an object or a room in an unsafe position or location. When you've successfully erected say a pharmacy, then the in-game guide appears as an elderly gentleman who will notify you immediately that it needs, for example, a nurse. He will give you running commentary as you progress, and you will do well to heed his advice.

When a new patient arrives, the flow will be:

  • Find out what ails him or her
  • Diagnose the patient (either at the GP or at a diagnostics room)
  • Some patient's illnesses will have to be researched
  • Treat the patient or send them home

Your hospital can include quite a few facilities like an operating theatre, an x-ray room, an MRI machine, and different wards to name but a few (even a mummification room?!). You will unlock more advanced tech for your hospital as you progress through the game and complete objectives. Two Point Hospital seems a lot more advanced than its predecessor, but it still has that signature humour and overall look.

Two Point Hospital releases late this year, so far only a Steam release have been confirmed.

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