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New Humble Monthly Bundle includes Dark Souls 3 + DLC and mystery games for only R140

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If you are a fan of the Dark Souls series or you are just looking for something to play on the cheap then the Humble Bundle March Bundle could be the perfect fit. Humble revealed today that the upcoming March bundle will contain Dark Souls 3 plus its awesome Ashes of Ariandel DLC pack. What is more is that the bundle will also contain Overgrowth and both of these games will be available today if you subscribe to the monthly service. 

As you know, the bundle always includes extra mystery games which are only revealed in the early days of the month so whatever the games are beside the two mentioned above are still to be seen. Regardless, Dark Souls 3 and Overgrowth already offer over R1000 worth of games so it's saving quite a lot.

I know we covered the Humble Bundle news in the past but this is a friendly reminder that you can grab the subscription today as the games are now unlocked and ready to play. We also had no idea that Overgrowth and the Dark Souls 3 DLC was included in the bundle until today so it makes more of a reason to pick it up.

You can subscribe to the Humble Monthly Bundle for as little as $12 (R139) per month and if you do it today you will be able to download both Dark Souls 3, its DLC and Overgrowth to keep you busy until the other mystery games are unlocked on 2 March 2018. 

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