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Riot Reveals League of Legends Loot Box Drop Rates


League of Legends is one of biggest MOBAs in gaming and with all the loot box drama happening in the world, Riot Games made the decision to reveal the odds and chances of loot box drops in the game.

You can find a complete list and breakdown of the loot box odd over on Riot Games' support page along with the odd for the upcoming Master Chests that offer an even better rate of drops for the higher price of the box. Riot also goes on to explain the special rules that dictate what drops players will receive when opening a chance-based chest too.

LoL Chest Drops.jpg

Riot says that skin rarity will not limit how often the item will drop. Skins have the exact same chance in a loot box no matter the rarity ranking. The only exception that rule is the loot box exclusive skins. The drop rates also show that there are systems in place to prevent multiple skin-less boxes from being opened in a row, limits to character drops above a certain level and lastly to failry drop bonuses every now and then. 

Most interesting of all has to be the system that Riot has in place that restricts players from earning loot boxes or keys if they have been reported for bad behaviour. This system prevents players from earning loot boxes for the duration of the punishment they recieved be it suspension or chat restrictions. The system will lock them out until restrictions are dropped as the player makes "significant progress" against the bad behaviour. 

You can read all about the drop rates, restrictions and systems on the support page as it does go into quite a lot of depth. 

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