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An important announcement for local Pokémon GO Trainers

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This coming Saturday, the next Pokémon GO Community Day kicks off, and we want to encourage South African Trainers to join The Silph League Community. It is an international player network for all Pokémon GO players that connects all the local Trainer communities. Those who join earn special awards like badges, and it makes managing your specific community a lot easier.

Tomorrow marks the second Pokémon GO Community Day, and the first one was a big deal for our local players. You can make it even better if you join The Silph League Community. One of the things it will improve is connecting players, as I have noticed that many make use of the South African Pokémon GO Facebook group to search for team mates. The Facebook group is a great place to connect, but you should take the next step and launch your city's Pokémon GO Community on The Silph League Community.

The Silph League Community

South Africa currently has three communities linked to The Silph League Community:

  1. Pretoria (Centurion)
  2. Rustenburg
  3. Nelspruit

The Pretoria Community currently has 71 members, but for some reason, the administrator hasn't opened the community for invites. Both Rustenburg and Nelspruit are open to receive members. Here's what you need to know to add your community to the global map:

There are currently over 3 000 communities linked on the map. Here are some of the rewards for joining (as stated on the official page):

  • Increased Visibility: Your chat group or server will be discoverable on the Pokemon GO Community Map
  • Exclusive Community Lead Resources: League community leaders are invited to a community lead-only Discord server or Telegram group
  • Swag for your Meetups: As a Discord/Telegram admin, you'll be able to award badges for your community member's player profiles (Traveler Cards)
  • Community Pride: Your Telegram group or Discord server icon will appear on your members' player profile's (Traveler Cards)

If you're a Pokémon GO player, then staying connected to The Silph Road is a big help as they release information about all the important updates, regular guides, and tips. They also datamine updates and release important information about upcoming changes.

February's Pokémon GO Community Day

  • Date: Saturday, 24 February 2018
  • Time: 12 PM - 3 PM South African time
  • Featured Pokémon: Dratini
  • Exclusive move: TBA
  • Bonus 1: Triple the amount of catch Stardust
  • Bonus 2: 3-Hour lures

You can earn the pretty Silph League badge (shown in above image), this Saturday if you hook up with a community on the day. In case you missed it, a Pokémon GO datamine by The Silph Road recently uncovered code that points to single-player quests coming to the game.

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