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Bungie delays some key improvements to the Destiny 2 experience

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Destiny 2 was great to play at launch, don’t get me wrong, but the game hasn’t had the best reception from fans of late. The Curse of Osiris expansion definitely didn’t hit the mark and there was also a community uproar about XP gains. However, that is all in the past and guardians have been looking forward to some key improvements coming in the next update.

Unfortunately, Bungie has delayed some of these improvements and they will not be in the next update set to release on 27 February. The developer is delaying multiple improvements to ensure each feature they add “hits a sufficiently high-quality bar”. Exotic Repetition Reduction, Nightfall Strike Unique Rewards and Companion Vendor Viewing were all supposed to go live with update 1.13 next week, but they have been pushed back to update 1.14 on 27 March.

Further, Exotic Weapon and Armour Sandbox changes were supposed to go live in March but have now been pushed back to May. You might be wondering what happened to the planned Mod System Improvements? Well, Bungie says they are still happening, but will not be released in the May 1.2.0 update and there was no specific release date given. Check out the new development roadmap and read the full announcement by the developer below.

Roadmap update announcement

With today’s update we’ve moved a few items out to later releases – this is because we are trying to ensure each feature we add hits a sufficiently high-quality bar. So while we really wanted to get Nightfall Strike Unique Weapons into your hands next week to coincide with Nightfall Scoring, it’s more important that each of those rewards live up to the difficulty it will take to earn them. They have to be super cool, so we’re giving the artists extra time to make sure they are... super cool.

Mod System Improvements are also still planned, but will not be available when 1.2.0 is released. We’ll give more details on when to expect these changes at a future date.  We also have a big addition we’re eager share – Rumble will be joining 6v6 Iron Banner and Mayhem in our new rotating weekly Crucible playlist in 1.1.4. We want to make sure players have a more diverse set of game modes available in both Crucible and Private Matches.

Doubles is also planned to return, but we do not have an exact release date just yet. Keep an eye out for next week’s TWAB where we’ll go into more depth with our future Crucible plans. There’s lots more we’re eager to talk about in the coming weeks. We promise to be as transparent as possible and keep you updated as we go. We hope you’re along for the ride.” - Source

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What do you think about the delay of some key improvements and are you excited for the Rumble coming in March? Let us know in the comment section below.


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