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Hurry up and grab Dead Space for free before the offer expires

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I can still remember my first trip into the cold, dark corners of space as Isaac Clarke, the protagonist of the original Dead Space and the nightmarish fight against the Necromorphs. Now, all PC gamers who take advantage of the latest Origin “On the House” offering can experience the third-person shooter horror game.

All you need to do is head on over to this link and claim the game for nothing, nada, niks! The offer is only available for “a limited time” but no specific time frame has been given, so when you see this, add Dead Space to your library as soon as you can. You will, of course, need to create a free Origin account if you don’t have one already, but that really shouldn’t be a problem, unlike surviving the onslaught of those frightening Necromorphs on the spacecraft USG Ishimura.

About Dead Space

The original Dead Space was developed by Visceral Games and published by EA. The game released all the way back in 2008, but it is still, in my opinion, the best in the franchise. The experience as engineer Isaac Clarke is an unforgettable one. Check out the description, features and trailer for Dead Space below.

You are Isaac Clarke, an engineer on the spacecraft USG Ishimura. You're not a warrior. You're not a soldier. You are, however, the last line of defense between the remaining living crew and deadly reanimated corpses. The undead have become Necromorphs; horrific zombie-alien hybrids that won't succumb to traditional means. Fortunately, your offense is equally unique, as the high-powered mining tools at your disposal provide the means to fight against the threat.

Dead Space features:

  • Messy monster slaying – The Necromorphs are unlike any enemies you've seen before. Headshots do about as much damage to them as flicking rubber bands. To survive, you'll need to dismember their insect-like limbs, one at a time.
  • Improvised weapons – There aren't many traditional firearms aboard the Ishimura, but there's plenty of stopping power in Isaac's toolkit. Send horizontal or vertical blasts of energy at enemies with the Plasma Cutter, remotely control a high-speed sawblade with the Disc Ripper, and fill hallways with wide swaths of destruction with the Line Gun. Switch things up with alternate fire modes, and purchase upgrades to increase ammo, power, and reload speed.
  • Real-time attacks – Whatever you do, don’t drop your guard. Everything takes place in real-time. That means any action you take, whether it be reloading or digging through your inventory, gives the Necromorphs a perfect opportunity to attack. This nightmare has just begun and it’s up to get to the bottom of what happened here.

Go grab this free offer before it expires! If you add it to your Origin library in time, the game will be yours to keep forever and play at your leisure.

Check out the trailer below and then tell us if you will be taking advantage of this awesome free offer.

Source: Origin

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