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First gameplay from the Chinese PUBG mobile game revealed

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Last year, tech giant Tencent announced a partnership with Bluehole to release two mobile versions of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The one version would be more of an Arcade style game, while the other version would resemble the PC and Xbox One version of the game. Over the past weekend, the latter released via iTunes and Google Play, and we have a host of first gameplay videos showcasing the game.

We've embedded one of the videos from the YouTube channel "Mobile Games Family About PUBG" at the end of the article. The PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds mobile version includes everything we've seen in the PC and Xbox One versions; vehicles, 100-player count, airdrops, and lots more.

The official iTunes Chinese description of the game (using Google translate) states that Tencent used "Unreal Engine 4 research" to create the PUBG mobile version that displays "the next generation of perfect picture quality." The map size is 800m x 800m, and Tencent states that the mobile version is an authentic as it possibly can be with "real trajectory ballistics." The PUBG Chines mobile version also includes vehicle racing, a clan system, a wide variety of melee and other weapons.

The download size is 845.7 MB, and Tencent states that a 200-man team developed the PUBG mobile version. Yes, there is an in-game currency which can be used to purchase cosmetic items. For a closer look at the game (in Chinese), check out the official website here. Below is a gameplay video from "Mobile Games Family About PUBG" just mind the odd ad at the beginning.

As far as mobile shooters go, the PlayerUnknown's Battleground version is looking pretty good. Tencent didn't say anything about the game releasing outside of China although you could probably create a Chinese Apple ID and download the game but good luck with that. 

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