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Bungie reveals new Nightfall features coming to Destiny 2 this week

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Nightfall Strikes make up a huge part of Destiny's gameplay. It was the main reason why players would log into the game every Tuesday with their friends in order to face the tough challenge of the mode and reap the awesome rewards. Unfortunately, like many other things in Destiny 2, Bungie also got the Nightfall experience wrong in the sequel after pretty much mastering the mode in the first game.

In an attempt to fix another broken feature of Destiny 2, Bungie plans to revamp the Nightfall Strike activities. According to a blog post by the developer, they will be removing the timer, adding a scoring system and implementing a Challenge Card mode to the Prestige version of the Nightfall that will make the experience even more difficult. 

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Goodbye Timer

The timer is probably the worst part of the Nightfall as it limits players to what they do and how fast they do it. This was something that we loved about the first game. Bungie will be removing this timer for both the Prestige and the normal Nightfall. This will encourage players to enter the challenge anyway they wanted to. You could even try and solo the mode, and the removal of the timer will make the Prestige mode much more inviting too. 

Nightfall Scoring

A new scoring system will be implemented into the game that will reward you for defeating enemies instead of just running past them to beat that darn timer. These scoring systems will also not restrict you to specific ways to kill them. Eg, no precision kill scores will let all players earn points instead of forcing them to stick to one gun and point at the same head.  The new scoring system will also be team based so you won't need to limit your actions to help another player reach their required score. 

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You will not be able to farm this system as points are reduced by 50% after 15 minutes and after 18 minutes you will no longer get points. You will also earn points from killing and generating orbs of light so no need to run around using that class you hate using just to use that grenade that the game forces you to use. 


Probably the most exciting part of the new patch will be Challenge Cards that will offer ways to boost the difficulty of the Nightfall in exchange for score multipliers. You will be able to apply these modifiers to your Challenge Card and each modifier will have a specific mechanic that will affect the gameplay. One example shown is one that we are familiar with from the first game. If your entire team falls in the fight then you are returned to orbit. This card will give you 2.15x score and increase Solar damage.

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Now everything I mentioned above will give your rewards in the new rewards system. There will be new Nightfall Emblems for each one of them and they will all show a score you have obtained in that specific Strike. Once you have reached the bonus score set by Bungie you will be able to activate the aura and boosts that will increase drop rates of Vanguard Tokens. These boosts stack for each fireteam member active.

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Bungie also highlighted that they will be implementing a new mode into the Prestige Raid with new set rewards each week as well as modifiers that both help and make the raids harder for you to complete. This is still a work in progress as they only plan on releasing this mode when Season 3 starts in May. 

What do you make of all these new systems? Let us know in the comments below. 

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