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Comprehensive list of gen 3 Pokémon Trainers can catch right now

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Earlier this week, a bunch of new gen three Pokémon (mostly) of the dragon and flying type were released in the wild. The Silph Road has been compiling a comprehensive list detailing all the new content released with the update. These include the new gen three Pokémon, Raid additions to catch, new nesting Pokémon, and lots more.

Keep in mind that Niantic is only allowing gen 3 Pokémon to spawn in the wild until February 14, so it'll be a lot simpler to spot these. Now is the best time to fill up your Pokedex with the six-hour lures that remain active until February 24.

South African Trainers will be delighted to know that the Silph Road reports that so far it looks like at least two of the new gen three Pokémon get region exclusive treatment - and Africa is included in the list to catch Illumise and Tropius.

New Gen 3 Pokémon to catch right now

  1. Castform: Has three forms depending on the weather (sunny, rainy, and snowy)
  2. Swablu: Evolves into Altaria; it can be either a normal or a flying Pokémon and requires 400 candy to evolve
  3. Surskit: Evolves into Masquerain; it can be either a normal or water Pokémon
  4. Bagon (dragon): Evolves into Shelgon, then into Salamence
  5. Taillow: Evolves into Swellow; it can be either a normal or a flying Pokémon
  6. Volbeat (Bug): can produce Eggs that contain either Illumise or Volbeat when bred with Ditto
  7. Illumise (Bug): Can evolve into any other Pokémon
  8. Beldum (Steel/Psychic): Evolves into Metang, then into Metagross
  9. Tropius: A grass/flying Pokémon that grows stronger in bright sunlight
  10. Wingull: Evolves into Pelipper; it can be either a water or a flying Pokémon
  11. Chimecho (Psychic): Evolves into Cingling under specific conditions

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Starting with Catleform as no 1 on the left and moving right to end with Chimercho in the second row, right side.

New Pokémon in raids

  • T1: Swablu, Snorunt
  • T2: Dewgong
  • T3: Jynx, Azumarill, Piloswine
  • T4: Feraligatr
  • T5: Rayquaza,

New Pokémon in eggs

  • 2 km eggs: Swablu and Taillow (Swinub is also back)
  • Spheal changed to 2km (previously 5km)
  • 5 km eggs: Wingull (Spheal
  • 10 km eggs: Chimecho

New nesting Pokémon

  • Taillow
  • Wingull
  • Surskit
  • Swablu

Other useful information is that Ditto can be disguised as Taillow, and that Plusle and Minun are both no longer region exclusive. How many of the new gen three Pokémon are gracing your Pokedex?

In case you missed the exciting news - it looks like Niantic is working on bringing single-player quests to the game, and check out the gorgeous Pokémon GO "Planet Earth documentary" below to spot some of the new gen three Pokémon.

Source: The Silph Road

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