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Pokémon GO gets an update on EX Raid Battle invitations and Flying and Dragon-type Pokémon

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More Pokémon from the Hoenn region releases in the wild today - and they're all either the flying or dragon type. The Pokémon GO dev team also announced an update on EX Raid Battles.

"Even more surprises await nearby! announces the Pokémon GO dev team. "In addition to these Pokémon being available in the wild, you might see some different Pokémon in Raid Battles at your nearby Gym, and from hatched Eggs."

  • Legendary Pokémon Rayquaza available from today until March 16 in Raid Battles
  • Flying or dragon type Pokémon like Salamence, Altaria, and Metagross available until February 13
  • Legendary Water-type Pokémon Kyogre available until February 14
  • Between 9-23 February Trainers can purchase new special boxes (includes Raid Passes, Incubators, and Star Pieces)
  • Lure Modules will remain activated for six hours until February 23

As many of you have noticed, there has been a mix up with the EX Raid Battles invitations. What happened was that Niantic included an update with the latest invitations that was supposed to improve Trainer and Gym selection, but instead it messed up the process. Trainers suddenly received invites to participate in EX Raid Battle for Gyms they haven't visited in months. The bug has been squashed, all that remains of it is a bit of confusion.

Niantic also announced a few important changes that will impact the invitation process for EX Raid Battles:

  • Changes to the ways Gyms are selected
  • The number of Gyms that meet the necessary criteria for an EX Raid Battle increased
  • Average number of Trainers invited per Gym increased
  • The quality of EX Raid Battles improved
  • Trainers with a higher level Gym Badge are more likely to receive an invitation for an EX Raid Battle at that location
  • Trainers who complete more Raid Battles (at any location) the week before EX Raid Battle invitations are sent have a greater chance of being selected.

Lastly, in cased you missed the news because of the confusion with the EX Raid Battle invites - Pokémon GO might soon get single-player quests. It is fantastic news for Trainers who want to engage more with the game, but who don't enjoy things like Raids.

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