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Overwatch gets the ability to change skins at the start of a match 2 years after release


It only took 2 years guys but it is finally happening. Blizzard will be releasing a patch later today that will enable the new Chinese New Year event as well as allow players to change their hero skins before the match begins. This is something that should have been in the game since launch and we have no idea why it is only being added now but yay for the year 2000 features in a 2018 game.

Up to now, you would have to select the skin you want for your hero from the main menu in the game. Once you had begun matchmaking there was no way to select what you wanted your Mercy to look like. You would have to deal with her until the end of the match. It would make it worse if you were in a match with friends as you would have to pull them all out of the lobby just so you can change it.

This often left players looking the same without a real urge to change their selected skin due to the sheer PT it took to do so. Well, that is all about to change. Blizzard announced on Twitter that players will be able to change their skins at the start of a match. In a tweet from the developer, they show off how this will work as you can select your character and then choose the skin from a drop-down menu. The menu will not show you skins you don't own, only ones that you have previously obtained in loot boxes. 

Overwatch Skins.jpg

Keep in mind that you can ONLY change the skin before a match and there will be no option to do so after it has begun. Blizzard says that this decision is to keep the flow of battle going without players hanging around their menu deciding on what Widowmaker skin would look best while the try and film their YouTube montage of no-scoping grappling headshots (it happens, don't ask me why). 

The update will roll out with the Year of the Dog event later today. We normally receive the updates around 9 PM so if you are anticipating the content drop then best stay up. Will this patch make a difference in your lives? Let us know in the comments below. 

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