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Overwatch Year of the Dog Event - Brand new map and skins coming

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Overwatch is a few years old now and since its May 2016 release, we have seen several timed events come and go. We kind of know what to expect from Blizzard now as they have a set Christmas, Halloween, Chinese New Year and Anniversary event and with the Lunar New Year approaching it was just a matter of time before we got a sneak peek at some new skins. However, Blizzard has surprised players by not only announcing a Year of the Dog event with new skins but they have created a brand new map built specifically for Capture the Flag. 

In a Developer Update, Jeff Kaplan chats about the upcoming event but his emphasis on the new map is what will make all Overwatch players happy. We know from last year's Chinese New Year Event that the maps for Capture the Flag felt as if they were not meant to be used for the game mode. Blizzard just reskinned some old maps and placed two flags in the area, which felt like a half-hearted attempt. Jeff says that this year things are different and the new map, set in Thailand, will do a lot to improve the game mode. He also says that the new map has been built on player advice and feedback.

As for the game mode changes, Jeff explains that the Capture the Flag mode will see an overhaul of tweaks. Below are some of the key highlights that he discusses. 

  • There will be no more draws
  • Sudden Death will kick in if the score is tied which will move the flags closer to each other reducing the distance to carry it
  • Flag pick up is now instant
  • Any speed buff activated while holding the flag will drop it - eg: Winston's leap

Jeff also announced that there will be a 4-week competitive season for Capture the Flag. Most important of all, there will be six legendary skins coming to the event. Jeff confirmed that both Mercy and Genji will be getting skins. In total there will be over 50 new seasonal items to collect during the event. While none of these was shown off during the update, at least we know that there is a solid event coming our way and that it will last four weeks instead of three. The event should kick off on 8 February 2018 although Blizzard has not officially announced a release date for it. We are just going with past patterns of theirs. 

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