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Pokémon GO datamine uncovers single-player quests

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Yesterday, the Pokémon GO team released update 0.91.1 for Android and 1.61.1 for iOS. On the surface, the update seems almost insignificant as it lists a meagre three things;

  1. an improvement to the in-game news feature
  2. the search function now allows Trainers to search for "shiny"
  3. various bug and performance tweaks

The Silph Road did a deep dive of the update and uncovered something spectacular; the possibility of single-player quests coming to Pokémon GO. It is important to stress that at this point, their findings are only speculations, but their track record has proven time and again that the Silph Road team catches more correct data than anyone else.

You can read their analysis here, but what it comes down to is that the APK files show the possibility of two types of single-player quests in the game:

  1. Story Quests
  2. Challenge Quests

Enough data exists to point to a definite change coming to Pokémon GO. It would also be relatively easy for Niantic to brings something like "dailies" (yes, a WoW player speaking), to the game. The player needs to do a string of tasks that are already in the game, give a reward in the end, and call it quests or challenges.

The exact metadata uncovered states:


Next, the Silph Road found "quest attributes" as well as a reference to a Quest Character - none other than Professor Willow (in-game AI that helps Trainers learn the basics). The Quest Attributes are:

  • Creation Timestamp
  • Completion Timestamp
  • Rewards
  • Status (Active / Completed)
  • Multipart
  • Context
  • Seed
  • Goal

Lastly, they uncovered files that indicate some quests could be locked behind meeting specific conditions.


Taking all the above information into account, it definitely shows that Niantic is busy with something new in Pokémon GO. In September 2016, The Pokémon Company's Chief Executive Officer, Tsunekazu Ishihara stated in an interview about the future of the game, that they've "only accomplished 10 percent of what Pokémon and Niantic are trying to do, so going forward we will have to include fundamental Pokémon experiences."

I think Pokémon GO quests will be the next big thing in the game. What say the Trainers to quests, yes or no?

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