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Rumour: Activision plans to revive Crash Bandicoot on every platform in 2019

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Crash Bandicoot has always been a PlayStation mascot and even after his departure from Naughty Dog in 2001 when Wrath of Cortex released on Xbox as well as PS2, the marsupial was still known as the PlayStation guy. Well, this all might change in the coming years as according to rumours from ResetEra (the new NeoGAF), Licensing Manager of BG Eye, a European merchandising company, says that Crash Bandicoot is going to make a huge comeback soon and will be in the industry all the way up until 2022.

The saddest news is that the series will no longer be a PS4 one alone. According to Max, Activision is planning a Switch and PC port of the N.Sane Trilogy, which we reviewed last year and was epic! The game sees the first three Crash Bandicoot titles rebuilt from the ground up. We did hear that an Xbox version was also planned but nothing has materialized of that yet. Activision is also working on a whole new Crash Bandicoot game to release in 2019 and which platforms this will release on is still a mystery. Last but not least for these rumours, Max says that not only are they working on a game for 2019 but they plan on rolling out games right up until 2022. That is a lot of Crash. 

While this could all be rumours started around the water dispenser, they could actually have some real meaning. Activision now owns the Crash Bandicoot series so when their partnership with Sony expires they will be free to release whatever they want on any platform they choose. Activision is set on supporting Nintendo's massively successful Switch console so an N.Sane Trilogy port would not come as a surprise. Not to mention the rumoured Black Ops 4 Switch release. 

As for Xbox and PC, well we will just have to wait and see how that plays out. The N.Sane Trilogy sold over 2.5 million copies alone on the PS4 which probably sparked some money making ideas at Activision, I mean it is Activision and we all know how they love money. I just hope that if this is all true they revive the series with a good heart as making a classic game for today's standards could be the best or the worst thing you could ever do.

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