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Get Dark Souls III and more in the amazing Humble Monthly Bundle

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Prepare to die.

That’s right if you don’t own Dark Souls III on PC yet, then the Humble Monthly Bundle for March is an absolute must, as From Software’s 2016 masterpiece is none other than Dark Souls III. It is such a great deal that I think you should just “Git Gud”, open up that wallet and throw some embers at the screen.

The Humble Monthly Bundle for March 2018 is the best one yet, and I don’t say that lightly. We don’t know what else will be in the bundle, but for $12 (R146 at the current Dollar to Rand exchange rate), Dark Souls III and it’s DLC can be yours as an early unlock. That means that if you subscribe to the Monthly Bundle, you get the game and its brilliant DLC, Ashes of Ashes of Ariandel, at a very low price. Keep in mind that you can unsubscribe at any time and that you will also get several other curated titles.

The game is priced at R799 on Steam right now and the DLC adds another R161 into the mix, so you do the math! Since there is probably going to be many newcomers to the Souls franchise picking up this amazing deal, you need to understand that the game is extremely difficult.

The Souls franchise has always been one of the greatest challenges gamers can undertake and interconnected environments, unique boss fights as well as a story that you have to figure out as you progress. The games are deep and as mentioned before, extremely difficult, but one thing remains certain, it's difficult, not unfair.

For the Souls virgins out there, don’t forget to check out these 5 essential tips to help you survive.

With the Humble Monthly Bundle subscription, you also get 10% off Humble Store purchases and 5% of proceeds from the bundle goes to charity. If you don’t want to “Git Gud” in Dark Souls III, then you can always check out the Humble Rockstar Bundle, where you can get several awesome titles from Rockstar Games for just R180.

Are you a fan of the Souls franchise and will you be subscribing to the Humble Monthly Bundle? Let us know in the comment section below.

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