Over 1 million PUBG cheaters banned in January

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PUBG is a popular game and with all things popular comes people trying to take advantage of things with cheats and exploits. It is the way the world works because who wants to actually get good at things when you can just fire up a program and cheat your way to the top? Bluehole is working tirelessly to solve the huge cheating issue in PUBG with bans taking place almost every hour.

Cheat protection in PUBG has been doubled over the past few months and thanks to BattlEye, we now know that 1,044,000 people were banned in January alone for cheating in PUBG. The bad news is that even though cheaters are being banned, the number of people cheating is increasing, so while they are trying to prevent cheating in the game it is technically not working.

Over the weekend PUBG developers spoke about the work they are putting in to try and fight these issues, especially by targeting their efforts on those who create and distribute cheats. The new in-game anti-cheat measures coming to the game that includes a reports function, file modification scanner, and account sharing detection might further prevent these cheaters but up to now that stats have shown that the numbers are just increasing. 

This could be mainly due cheaters simply being banned and then heading to the marketplace to buy a new copy of the game and doing it all over again. We know from past reports that China plays a huge role in these cheating problems and at one stage the player base was even fighting to region lock the country to prevent them from playing with the Western world. 

We know that Bluehole is deploying a ping-limiting system soon that will try and better group up players in different regions and lock players out of servers if they have a specific ping but if that will sort the Chinese cheaters out is still a mystery. We will have to wait and see what happens. 

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