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Rocket League's 2018 development roadmap detailed

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There are some very exciting things to come for Rocket League fans across the globe. Last month, we reported that cross-platform party support will be making their way into the game sometime this year. However, that’s not the only thing developer Psyonix is working on, not by a long shot. The developer has outlined their plans for the year and it honestly looks fantastic, with a tonne of additions for Rocket League fans to get excited about.

Some of the new things coming to the game is a Tournament feature, a whole bunch of Quality of Life updates, new Arenas and more, including the aforementioned cross-platform party support. The developer explained that they are testing a new update schedule this year, which will guarantee players won’t have to wait long between competitive seasons.

The update schedule for 2018 will alternate between Feature Updates and Content Updates. Below, check out the Rocket League 2018 development roadmap.


February Content Update

  • Competitive Season 7 Begins
  • Competitive Season 6 Rewards
  • New Crate
  • New RLCS Fan Rewards

Tournaments Beta

  • Steam public beta for our upcoming Tournaments Feature


  • New Licensed Premium DLC
  • Spring Event


Spring Feature Update

Tournaments (Play against other players in bracketed, single elimination tournaments)  


Quality of Life Updates

  • Item Stacking 
  • Better Item Filtering, Searching, and Sorting
  • Equip to Blue/Orange Team for Painted Car Bodies
  • New and Expanded Options

Connection Quality Info

  • See notifications for Packet Loss, Latency Variance, and Server Performance in-game 
  • Will help us and the community better differentiate between “server issues” and connection problems

Switch Performance & Visual Quality Updates

  • Performance Mode - 900p (Docked) / 720p (Handheld) @ 60 FPS with infrequent dynamic resolution scaling
  • Quality Mode - Native 1080p (Docked) / 720p (Handheld) @ 30 FPS with added visual effects

April and Beyond

After the release of the tournament feature, Psyonix will talk more about the features they are working on for the rest of the year. These features and content include:

Cross-Platform Parties

  • Party up and matchmake with players from other (participating) platforms 

Progression Updates

  • Make XP relevant again
  • Earn Decryptors through play
  • New Banners, Titles, and other rewards for reaching high levels

New Arenas

New Features 

Xbox One X

  • We are now targeting Xbox One X support for late 2018  

What do you think about everything coming to Rocket League this year and what are you most excited about? Let us know in the comment section below.

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