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Anthem's delay will give Battlefield 2018 the spotlight according to EA

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With Anthem's delay, EA has spoken out about the plan for the year ahead. Even though Bioware was never going to make Anthem's "unrealistic" 2018 release plan, the latest Battlefield game will. According to Electronic Arts via the Wall Street Journal, the delay for Anthem took a few things into consideration one of them being that EA did not want to mess up the release schedule for it like they did for Titanfall 2 when they decided to release the game smack bang in between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Yeah, who thought that was going to work? 

EA wants to release Anthem in a quieter quarter so the game gets all the attention it needs. With that being said, EA confirmed that there will be a new Battlefield coming in October this year which they say is the reason why Anthem was pushed into next year. To be honest I do not know who to believe right now. First, we hear that the 2018 release was not realistic and now its because other games were being released. 

Regardless, EA is confident that this year's Battlefield will be the bee's knees so gamers will not even need to miss Anthem as they kill and blow up whatever the game is set on. This is not the first time EA has spoken up about Battlefield. Just last year we heard rumours that Battlefield Bad Company 3 will be the game of 2018 and if this is true I will not be surprised. The first two games were fantastic and I would invest a few dozen hours in the third instalment if that is the case.

Like all rumours, take them as they come but so far I am just ready to pre-order Battlefield Bad Company 3. Sorry, I am a Battlefield fan :P.

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