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Overwatch's Jeff Kaplan talks about Hero 27

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Overwatch Central recently had an interview with Overlord Jeff Kaplan to chat about the upcoming Hero 27, as well as some concerns players have over Blizzard perhaps focusing too much on the League and neglecting the game. Papa Jeff eased all our fears; hero 27 is nearing deployment, and Blizzard is as focused as ever on keeping all Overwatch players happy.

Overwatch Hero 27

Kaplan didn't elaborate a lot on the hero, but he did drop a few very important details. Below is a summary of those, and you can watch the video interview by Overwatch Central at the end of the article.

  • The hero will be meta-changing
  • "Super fun" to play
  • Progress wise it is currently present in every play test
  • Development wise it the stage where they’re finalizing how the hero looks (creating skins)
  • They're also busy with Hero 27's background story
  • Unlike some of the previous heroes, the dev team didn’t struggle with hero 27. It is “super solid”

And that is all. The most interesting point is no doubt that it will be meta-changing; meaning that it could be a new tank. The current Hero lineup:

  • 6 tanks
  • 6 defensive
  • 6 support
  • 8 offensive

The last Hero Blizzard added was Moira (support), and the one before her was Doomfist (offense). The last tank update was Orisi who joined the Watch in March last year, so a new Hero as number 27 does make sense, as we received support and offense heroes last. Offensive has enough heroes, so that also leaves defense as a possibility - but when you talk meta-changing it leans more towards tank. Or does it?

What say the Overwatch players; tank or offense, which would you prefer next?

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