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Pokémon GO Christmas event leaked and AR+ announced

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Pokémon GO trainers have a lot to look forward to. According to a leak on Reddit, Delibird might soon appear in the wild. Niantic announced that Trainers who use certain iOS devices will also get a brand new AR feature. Further, a leak has revealed some details about the Pokémon GO Christmas event, which should make some trainers happier than Pikachu with a stocking full of ketchup.

Reddit user, kk5566, posted an image that was supposedly leaked by Google Play Taiwan showing details of the upcoming Pokémon GO Christmas event:

  • Special loot boxes will sell a new item called a "starpiece."
  • Even more Pokémon from the Hoenn region to release
  • Delibird, a gen two Pokémonto appear in the wild.
  • The return of Santa Pikachu

According to one Trainer, "Starpieces give you bonus Stardust for presumably 30 min for every action you do that grants it," another Trainer adds that "this bonus Stardust is 1.5 times what you usually get, as opposed to 2 times the XP the lucky egg gives you."

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Niantic announced AR+ a new feature coming to the iPhone 6s and newer models. It uses Apple's ARKit to enhance Pokémon GO's built-in AR software. With AR+ Pokémon appearing at a fixed point in space, which will give Trainers the chance to get real close to the creatures. It will also appear much larger than the standard version, but Trainers will also have to be more careful if they want to catch the Pokémon.

Those who do manage to catch it from a very close proximity stand a chance to earn Expert Handler bonuses:

  • Great and Excellent Throw bonuses
  • Awards even more XP and Stardust.

"Pokémon will run away if they become aware of the Trainers getting close, so be careful. You can sneak up close to earn an Expert Handler bonus, but think twice before running right up to that Charizard!" announces Niantic. "You’ll need to be extra cautious so you don’t scare it away. An awareness meter will appear next to the Pokémon, and if the meter fills up, the Pokémon will flee. If it does, you can try tapping on the tall grass nearby, which may cause the Pokémon to reappear and give you an additional chance to catch it."

Trainers using the new AR+ mode can share their photos on social media using the #PokemonGOarplus hashtag.

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