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Clash Royale receives a huge, electrifying new update

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There is no doubt in my mind that Clash Royale is one of, if not the most addictive mobile game you can play right now. With a focus on Player versus Player tournaments and a collectable card system, the game will keep you going for months, if not years on end.

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Mobile giant, Supercell, isn’t slowing down with the Clash Royale development, as the developer has released a huge update. The update can be downloaded now for Android and iOS devices (it also adds support for the iPhone X) and weights in at roughly 60mb. Inside the update, players will find a brand-new arena (Electro Valley at 3400 trophies), three new electrifying chests, two new cards to collect and more.

It is the biggest update since the awesome Touchdown Mode got released and it is sure to keep me playing well into next year. Clash Royale update notes Below, check out all the new additions to Clash Royale as per the update notes released by Supercell in this post.

One New Arena

  • Electro Valley: Reach this new Arena at 3400 Trophies
  • Legendary Arena: Now Arena 12 with rewards (chests, Victory Gold, etc.) increased accordingly

Two New Cards

  • Zappies: Spawns a pack of miniature Zap machines. Who controls them...? Only the Master Builder knows.
  • Hunter: He deals BIG damage up close - not so much at range. What he lacks in accuracy, he makes up for with his impressively bushy eyebrows.
  • Unlock them both today!

Three New Chests

  • Lightning Chest: Replace card stacks of your choice with up to 5 "Strikes"Fortune Chest: Get a glimpse of the future and see what your chest might contain...
  • King's Chest / Legendary King's Chest: Big chests with a focus on Epic and Legendary Cards
  • Pick up these new chests from Quests and the Shop

Four More Things

  • Coming in December: Gold Rush, Gem Rush, Special Challenges and Boosts!


  • The "Daily Gifts" Quest is now always active
  • Epic and Legendary Cards now appear in the Shop more often at 4000+ Trophies
  • Cards at max level are less likely to appear in the Shop and Fortune Chest
  • Support for iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ and Note8

Apart from the new additions, there are also balance changes to several cards. I, for one, am most excited about the long-overdue Hog Rider nerf, because nobody likes getting their towers damaged by that card.

Check out a video detailing the balance changes by Orange Juice Gaming below.

Do you play Clash Royale and what do you think about the contents of this massive new update? Let us know in the comment section below.

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