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We interview Africa's top all-female CS: GO team


Leetpro.fe came out of nowhere (they formed in October) and took the title as Africa's top all-female Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team in the World Electronic Sports Games qualifiers. In January 2018 they will travel to China to compete in the World finals.

They faced off against Amaryllis Gaming in the semi-finals (beating them 16-6 and 16-5), and then took on tournament favourites, Energy eSports (winners CS: GO Valkyrie) in the finals. Leetpro.fe beat Energy 16-6 and 16-6, which is a massive win for the new team.

Looking at Leetpro.fe's lineup, one name jumps out; Sharon "ShazZ" Waison. She is one of South Africa's top CS: GO players has international eSports experience and competes in both men and women's divisions. That being said, Leetpro.fe's success at the WESG African qualifiers should be contributed to the synergy between five extraordinary women, and one hellavu clutch.

We caught up with one of the members, Karla "Scorpz" Grewar, whom I've known for many years. We've had some fun times playing Team Fortress 2, and recently Destiny 2. I've also played some Destiny 2 with Leetpro.fe's captain, Simone “Psymone” Eskelsen, and she certainly served me my ass on a platter. Both of these girls echo qualities that are very noticeable when you play a game with them - even socially.

They have a fierce determination to win. Every. Single. Time. They are perfectionists in how they approach everything happening on the screen. Gaming with them feels like you walked into a banter between Batman and Robin, there's a mojo between them that just works. And they are also very talented when it comes to FPS gaming. I think they very much resemble a magic we'll find between all five members of Leetpro.fe.


Tell us about your team 

"Our WESG lineup consists of Psymone, NatzZii, Angelwingzz, Shazz.kL and myself. Psymone started the team after the success of the Valkyrie Challenge, in an effort to grow the female community in SA. But after securing some powerful players realised that the team could actually be pretty competitive."

What's WESG Africa finals highlight?

"By far the 1v3 clutch from NatzZii in the last moments of the final. We all just flooded the comms after realising what had just happened. We were ecstatic. Most definitely a moment I'll never forget."

Your team only just formed a short while ago, why do you think you beat the likes of Energy eSports who is an established team and the favourites to win the qualifiers?

"We formed around the 20th of October, 2017. As soon as we found out the date of the qualifiers, we realized how quickly we had to get serious. We started preparing immediately, even though we were still on the lookout for a 5th for WESG. We later approached Sharon/ShazZ, and she was keen to participate.

We have good chemistry in the team and everybody plays their part. It also helps that we have an organisation, LeetPro, and a coach, Slowye, that are 100% behind us. LeetPro provided us with the opportunity to bootcamp with our coach shortly before the qualifiers; which helped a great deal with preparation, too."

How will you prepare for the World Championships in China?

"There are a lot of things that we need to work on. We will continue to work on our team chemistry and will have to put in a lot of time during the festive season. But, we all know how important this is for each of us and are willing to put in the work. We may have another bootcamp before we leave for China. It's just easier to focus on CS when everyone is together."

What are some of the pros & cons of playing on an all-female team?

"Playing on a female team has been pretty amazing for me. The amount of girls playing online is rising every day, which is good for the female community. I always find it empowering to walk around at rage and see girls competing at the top level in SA. I think there are many girls that would like to compete in a female team but are hesitant.

However, there are girls out there that are passionate about the game and may have the same goals in mind, you just have to have the patience to find them. Look, harassment against girls online is still an issue, but so is harassment against guys. That is the online niche. You learn to deal with it and get to a point where it doesn't phase you. Just focus on the game. Ignore the haters."

Any shoutouts?

"Just want to thank our organisation, LeetPro, for supporting us, it means a lot. Thanks to our coach, Slowye, for sacrificing his own time and for his patience with us. And thanks to Shazz for believing in us and joining us on this journey.

Let's get behind the Leetpro team, you can follow the CS: GO squad on their respective Twitter accounts. Drop by for a website visit and give them a Like on Facebook.

The MWEB GameZone team wishes them all the best for the World Finals. Below is a video of the highlights from the WESG African finals against Energy eSports.

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