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Gift Guide 2017: Christmas with Nintendo Switch

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In our second Christmas Gift guide, we are tackling none other than the awesome Nintendo brand. Nintendo has proven to be everyone's favourite brand this year with the huge success of the Nintendo Switch console. Its library of games and its awesome portable feature makes it one of the must-have pieces of tech this year. If you don't own one then maybe it is time to get one and if you do have one then maybe it is time to get some accessories for it. Here are all the best Nintendo Gifts you can get someone this Christmas.

Nintendo Switch Console

There is no doubt in our minds that the Switch makes the best gift you could ever buy anyone this December. With all the epic games out right now for it and more to come next year, the device's software library issues are far gone. The Nintendo Switch is both a portable gaming device as well as a console you can plug into the TV and its hybrid design makes it the perfect home console and travel companion for any gamer. Super Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8, and much more. These are just a few jewels you can only get on Switch. 

Switch Console.jpg

You can pick up a Nintendo Switch console for R5,199 in both a black Joy-Con bundle as well as the vibrant Red and Blue Bundle. If you are looking for a game included then there is a pretty awesome Limited Edition Mario Odyssey bundle that comes with the game and dark red Joy-Cons. This bundle will set you back R6,399. if you are lucky you could also find a Splatoon 2 bundle with the game and bright yellow Joy-Cons for the same price. 

Switch Starter Pack


Since the Switch is a portable device as well as a console and it has a screen on it, you want to protect it at all times and have something to carry it around in. The Switch Accessory Starter pack from Stealth is perfect for sorting both of those issues out at once. It comes with a screen protector, soft carry case, game cartridge holders and even headphones. While we are sure the headphones are not the best quality, you cannot go wrong with all these items in one bundle for only R250. 

Nintendo Switch Carry Case

Nintendo Switch carry case.jpg

While the third-party case is cool if you are looking for something a little more authentic then the official Nintendo Switch case might be your thing. We own one of these and it is pretty sturdy and best of all it has Mario on it so yay for brand exposure! This pack comes with the case which has cart slots inside it as well as a screen protector too. All this costs a little over R400 but you can never pay enough to protect your tech. 

Switch Pro Controller

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If you feel like you need a Pro Controller that resembles something like the Xbox One or PS4 controller then you are in luck. The Nintendo Switch has one of them. This controller has all the buttons and analogues you can find on the Joy-Con but it is shaped in a more pro way. It will surely help up your game and its battery life is one of the best on the market at up-to 40 hours. The controller will cost around R1000 and if you have a few hundred rands extra then maybe splurge on the Splatoon 2 model that comes with a custom skin design and bright grips. This cost R1200.

New Joy-Cons


We believe that everyone should be able to play together on the Switch and with the Joy-Con's ability to double up as two controllers you will be able to play with three friends if you have two sets of controllers. Why not grab another set for a Switch owner this December as there are so many colours to choose from. You have the Neon Green and Pink, Black, Neon Yellow, and Red and Blue ones too. These Red and Blue ones even come with a download code for the awesome Snipper Clips game. Each set costs R1299 but you are buying two controllers so it should not be a big deal.

Silicone grip protector


If you want to take the protection of the Switch even further then what about a silicone protector for someone's device. This will wrap around the console and project the body from damage. One of these can cost anything over R100 to up R250 for different brands. We recommend the ORB one as it has not done us wrong yet. If the person you are buying for is, even more, OCD, then you can even look at getting silicone grips for their Joy-Cons too. These will cost R100 each and can wrap around the Joy-Con to add extra grip as well as change the colour. 

So there you have some epic gift ideas for your family and friends who either own a Switch or plan on getting one. Let us know what you would want for Christmas in the comments below. 

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