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Glitched Episode 4 Recap - Watch it here

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In the final episode of Glitched for 2017, we review a new social game, as well as the gorgeous Samsung QLED. We also list our top 10 most icon weapons in gaming.

We had our first hands-on experience with Sony's Playlink at this year's E3, and we've loved the feature. We've been waiting with much excitement to play the latest entry, "Knowledge is Power" and we're finally able to share that experience with you.

In a nutshell, "Knowledge is Power" should be your new social/party game. It's extremely fun to play and looks gorgeous with its quirky animations and characters (not to mention the selfie shots from the participants). It's pretty straightforward in its execution (just connect up to six people via their smartphone to your PlayStation Network), but the difficulty level increases as the game proceeds. We adored the different mini-games with our only critique being that we wanted more of it.

"Knowledge is Power" is the perfect blend of boardgaming meets TV meets gaming and is the perfect title to introduce non-gamers to the PlayStation 4. We scored it 7/10.

Up next we have our top 10 most icon weapons in gaming:

10) Portal gun
9) Mega Buster from Mega Man
8) The Hidden Blade from the Assassin's Creed franchise
7) The Crowbar from Half-Life
6) Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts
5) Hair from Bayonetta

Check the video below to see numbers six to one! We would love to hear which weapon takes your number one spot, so drop us a comment. For me, my number one will always be Gordon Freeman's Crowbar.

In closing, we take you through our review of the Samsung QLED. It is every gamer's dream TV - no matter if you're a console player or prefer the PC. It is, simply, perfect for everyone. The secret behind its near-perfect visuals (for both colour and black), is its Quantum Dot Display.

It currently also delivers the lowest input lag at 24 ms, which is something that should impress every gamer.

It comes in different sizes and shapes and looks beautiful mounted on a wall or display table. With its One Connect box (your cable hub reduced to a single output cable) and Steam Link feature, it makes gaming so much simpler and easier. The Samsung QLED is the perfect companion for 4K and HDR gaming; be it on PC, The PlayStation 4 Pro, or Xbox One X.

We scored it a 9/10 and highly recommend it to gamers as their future-prove monitor. To see the Samsung QLED in action watch the video below.

Glitched returns in February 2018 with Pippa Tshabalala as the presenter. 

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"It is, simply, perfect for everyone"

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