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Pokémon GO Trainers can finally catch Ho-Oh

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The long-awaited Ho-Oh is finally released in the wild for a limited time. Niantic decided to release Ho-Oh as an extra reward to Trainers for reaching the goal of catching three billion Pokémon in six days during the Pokémon GO-Global Catch Challenge.

"Congratulations! We issued a challenge—and you answered the call," announces the Pokémon Team. "Collectively, you caught over 3 billion Pokémon during the Global Catch Challenge, unlocking some amazing rewards along the way."

  • Location: Catch Ho-Oh in legendary Raid battles
  • Released: worldwide
  • Period: Now until December 12

For those who missed it, some of the rewards from the event remain active until November 30th, these include double stardust, double XP, increased spawns, and six-hour lures.

In other Pokémon news, did you know that the range of Pokémon video games have sold over 300 million units worldwide since the first game launched in 1996? I wonder what that amounts to in monetary terms. A total of 76 Pokémon games released, and the very first one, Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green released on 27 February 1996 for the Nintendo Game Boy. The latest title in the series, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon, released earlier this month on November 17 for the 3DS.

That's over 20 years of Pokémon games, and millions are still playing it in one form or another.

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