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December 2017 video game releases: Everything you need to know

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For PC gamers, December is all about the full release of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - but the month has a lot more to offer than just Battle Royale. Except for the aforementioned title, there are a few fantastic DLC's releasing this month, as well as an impressive selection for those who enjoy Virtual Reality games.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Release date: 01/12 WW

Platform: Nintendo Switch exclusive

Genre: Action, RPG

Mode: Single-player

Age restriction: TBA

Game info: “Experience the story of Rex and his new friend, Pyra, a mysterious being known as a Blade who grants him tremendous power. Together, search for Pyra’s long lost home Elysium, the ultimate paradise for all of humanity." The player will control one of three party members, and explore a new open world in the Xeno series. The game features a day-and-night cycle which sometimes has an effect on the outcome of quests and an influence on things like enemy strength, and item availability.

Developer: Monolith Soft  

Publisher: Nintendo

Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package

Release date: 05/12 WW

Platform: PS4 (already released on Xbox One & PC release)

Genre: Survival horror, beat 'em up

Modes: Single-player & multiplayer

Age restriction: M 17+

Rated for: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language. Online not rated

Game info: We already reviewed the Xbox One version, and can highly recommend the game. The PS4 version includes: base game with all DLC, post-launch difficulty settings, outfits and special combo attacks inspired by Capcom characters. All bonus content included, it’s the complete package. Most important, is that PS4 owners get to play the version where all the glitches we experienced with the launch version has now been fixed. “Dead Rising 4 is a spectacularly gory, comedic and most importantly, an extremely fun game to play,”read our full review in the link below.

Further reading: Dead Rising 4 Review: A gore-filled wonderland

Developer: Capcom Vancouver

Publisher: Microsoft

Star Wars Battlefront 2: The Last Jedi Season 1

Period: 05 - 29/12 WW

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Game info: Battlefront 2 players get to align either with the First Order or the Resistance in the Last Jedi Season 1. Choose your side carefully as it will determine which activities you participate in, and in turn, which faction awards you can unlock. The Season runs until December 29, with different activities unlocking every week. On Dec 13th two heroes join Finn (Resistance) and Captain Phasma for the First Order. New vehicles and locations also unlock in this week. In week 3 the Starfighter Assault challenge unlocks, and in week 4 DICE’s ”Special Holiday List” comes to the Battlefront.

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Developer: EA DICE

Publisher: EA

Destiny 2 Expansion: Curse of Osiris

Release date: 05/12 WW

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Modes: Single-player, multiplayer

Game info:  Curse of Osiris is Destiny’2 first expansion, and releases on all three platforms simultaneously. The story centre’s around Ikora Rey’s former master, Osiris, who was once known as the most powerful and dangerous Warlock in the Guardian ranks. A new planet and patrol unlocks on Mercury, titled The Infinite Forest. Guardians also get to visit a new social space called, The Lighthouse, with Brother Vance as mission-giver. The expansion includes, new missions, Strike, free roam activities, and a new section for the Leviathan Raid called “Raid Lair.” A new weapon’s quest, “Lost Prophecies” unlocks 12 Osiris-modded weapons. PlayStation 4 players get a new PvP map titled, Wormhaven. The power level cap is raised to 330 and the experience cap to 25.

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Developer: Bungie

Publisher: Activision

Battlefield 1: Turning Tides DLC

Release dates: 11/12 WW for Premium Pass & 25/12 WW as a standalone purchase

Platforms: PC, PS4 & Xbox One

Genre: First-person shooter

Mode: Multiplayer

Game info: Turning tides brings the British Royal Marines and four new maps to the Battlefield; Cape Helles and Achi Baba (releases in December), and Zeebrugge and Heligoland Blight (releases in January 2018). Both the first two maps release with a New Operations mode that will see players take part in the 1915 British assault of the Gallipoli peninsula. A total of eight new weapons will be added, of which two are melee. A new class is introduced; the Infiltrator Elite, and players will also get to take command of the L-Class Destroyer which the British Royal Navy used during World War II.

Further reading: Battlefield 1 Turning Tides - What You Need to Know

Developer: EA DICE

Publisher: EA

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Release dates: TBA for PC, Xbox One 12/12 WW

Platforms: PC full release & Xbox One Preview program release

Genre: Battle royale

Mode: Multiplayer

Age restriction: T for Teen

Rated for: Violence, Blood, online not rated

Game info: Bluehole hasn't yet committed to the exact release dates for the PC version. Currently, it seems the developer is having some trouble with the anti-cheat version that is causing lag for many players. The other important features that have to release with the full game on PC are the climbing and vaulting systems that are currently being tested on the official Test Servers. There have been several reports that the features have also been causing problems in the game.

When it comes to the Xbox One version, Chang Han Kim, CEO of PUBG Corp stated earlier this month via Xbox Wire that. "We’re approaching development on Xbox One with the same community-driven focus that we’ve taken with the game on PC. As a result, the ultimate battle royale experience that fans play on Xbox One will be slightly different than what players know today on PC." The Xbox One version will have three special, limited-edition cosmetic packs; PUBG Warrior Pack, PUBG Accessory Pack, and PUBG Tracksuit Pack.

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Developer: PUBG Corporation  

Publisher: Bluehole

More games & DLC releasing in December 2017:

  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Nintendo Switch on 01/12 WW
  • DOOM VR: PSVR, HTC Vive on 01/12 WW
  • Steep Road to the Olympics DLC: PC, Xbox One, PS4 on 05/12 WW
  • Fallout 4 VR: Vive PC on 12/12 WW
  • Okami HD: PC, Xbox One, PS4 on 12/12 WW
  • Resident Evil 7: End of Zoe and Not a Hero: PC, PS4, Xbox One on 12/12 WW
  • Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis DLC: PS4, Xbox One on 13/12 WW

What will you be playing this December? Don't forget to check out the deals on the Humble Fall Sale and the Steam Autumn Sale.

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