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Ultra-rare Farfetch'd unlocks in Pokémon GO for 48 hours

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The Pokémon GO Global Catch Challenge ends today with Trainers from around the world celebrating the limited release of the ultra-rare Farfetch'd (ultra rare because he is only available in Japan). The global challenge saw Trainers catch three billion Pokémon in six days!

"Congratulations, Trainers! You did it! You’ve caught over 3 billion Pokémon and unlocked a new reward during the Global Catch Challenge," announced via the official Twitter account for Pokémon GO.

Special rewards unlocked over the past few days as Trainers hunted together to reach Bronze, Silver, and Gold Challenge rewards. For the next 48-hours Niantic has unlocked Farfetch'd worldwide, and Kangaskhan in East Asia. The Bronze and Silver in-game rewards will remain active until the end of November:

  • Double stardust
  • Double XP
  • Increased spawns
  • Six hour lures

Farfetch'd is usually only available to catch in Japan, so better make use of this opportunity to add the creature to your collection. He is a brown little duck with a lite brown underbelly, and is fiercely protective of the spring onion/leek he carries around. He is mostly found in grasslands.

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