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5 Essential tips for managing your very own Clash Royale clan

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I’ve been playing Clash Royale for almost a year and a half now and it is, without a doubt, one of the most addictive games you will ever play on your mobile device. Developed by Supercell, Clash Royale has taken the world by storm and even has massive prize pools for the game’s eSports tournaments. Just like most competitive titles, the game has some social aspects and a robust clan system to bring players together.

It is there that I have spent just over a year effectively managing my own Clash Royale clan, but it was a big learning experience to adapt to a mobile environment and make the clan successful. To that end, I want to share these five essential tips for managing your own Clash Royale clan with our readers.

Local is lekker

My clan’s name is 100% Pure RSA with the Clan Tag: #8VVU09 and is, of course, just for local players. You won’t believe how many South African clans there actually are and since a clan can have 50 members in total, it is, for me and my clan mates, the most important thing of all to keep it local. Even though the clan is called 100% Pure RSA, we still get people trying to join for around the globe, even asking for invites in different languages.

Your clan name should clearly have South Africa in it if possible and most important, you should choose the “Invite Only” option. Players can then still ask for an invite to your clan, but you and some other members can look for those diamonds in the rough on your own terms.

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Your right hand(s)

It is always easier to manage a clan if you have a few friends who also play the game. I have two friends in know in real life in my clan and this helps me so much with all the day-to-day stuff because you really don’t want to spend hours on your phone each day just managing people. Clash Royale has a clan member ranking system in place, so you can promote and demote players. Member is the lowest rank, then elder, co-leader and, of course, leader.

You should promote only a few members to co-leaders and definitely only people you trust, as they can do everything and change anything in the clan with that rank, except for kicking the leader. With some trustworthy co-leaders, you can implement your clan’s ground rules.

Ground rules are key

It is no easy task to set ground rules that every member will be happy with. Some players like to swear, while others just have a little slip once in a while. Since this is a mobile game and there is no voice chat or any way to know how old some of your members might be, it is of the utmost importance to keep things clean. Your co-leaders can help you with keeping the chat free from excessive swearing and while I personally do allow a little bit of it, especially in a heated discussion, members normally get a warning or two before getting the boot.

Other ground rules could be that you ask everyone to donate cards to others at least a little bit during each week. These cards help players to upgrade their troops and even those who donate get a little bit of experience and gold, so it is a win-win that I think everyone should be asked to participate in.    

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The Crown conundrum

Clan Chests happen each week, starting on Friday and running throughout the weekend. These Clan Chests are the biggest reward for players in a clan and can make or break your clan, especially when you are just starting out. You need a tonne of Crowns to complete the Clan Chest and get the best level 10 rewards. So how do you do that as a clan? Well, everyone needs to participate and it is the one thing that can break a clan apart when a few active players feel like they are doing all the work.

Crowns can, of course, be earned by anyone just by playing the game in any of the modes available, but even with a very active clan, I still see around 5 players each week not participating at all. My best advice here is to reward good participation and punish absence from the Clan Chest. I found that 50 Crowns gets a member promoted to “Elder” and 0 Crowns gets a member kicked to be the best answer. If an “Elder” does not participate in one Clan Chest, they get a second chance as they won’t be kicked, but rather demoted to member status.  

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Lead by example

Throughout this article, I have told you what I want my clan members to do and what has worked for me so far, but there is one very important thing that you should do yourself as a clan leader. Although a bit cliché, you should definitely be leading by example. Want players to participate in the Clan Chest or donate a lot of cards? Then you should do so yourself and keep up the pace.

Contributing doesn’t take that much time, just a couple of minutes each day so you can do it even if you are pretty busy. Never forget that if you are an inactive clan leader, players might leave for greener pastures and you will be left with other, mostly inactive players in the process. In short, for an effective Clash Royale clan, you need to do what you expect others to do.  

Do you play Clash Royale and maybe plan to start your own clan? Let us know in the comment section below?

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