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EA decreases cost of Battlefront II heroes by 75% - Also decreases rewards given to players

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I use the word "fan" very lightly on this post as I do believe that as the days go by EA Games is losing their fanbase more and more. Yesterday we reported on an incident that saw a Reddit post by EA defending their grind in Battlefront II to unlock heroes become the most devoted post in Reddit history. Right now the thread is sitting on a whopping 595k and it will grow even more. 

In an attempt to do some quality control for the upcoming game, EA has announced that they will be decreasing the number of in-game credits (and time) it takes to unlock some heroes. Up to now, players would have had to spend at least 40 hours grinding for credits to purchase a single hero without spending any real money. Of course, if you did not want to grind, you could have splurged on them with real money. 

On their blog, EA revealed that the cost of heroes like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader will be decreased by 75% and will be available for 15,000 credits. Emperor Palpatine, Chewbacca, and Leia Organa will cost 10,000, and Iden 5,000. EA says that unlocking these heroes will still feel like an achievement which in their books means a grind. Still, 75% is a decent reduction in costs and it will mean that all sorts of players will actually be able to unlock them rather than spending money on them.

EA went on to explain how this game balance change will affect the overall experience. 

Since the start of the project, listening to fans has been important in making sure Star Wars Battlefront II is the very best experience for all of you. We’ve done this with the closed alpha, through the beta last month, and our Play First Trial. And we continue to make adjustments based on your feedback as the game launches worldwide this week. Listening, and providing choices in how you play, will always be our principle with Star Wars Battlefront II. We want to ensure the game is balanced and fun both today and for years into the future.

We’ve also been listening to how much you’re loving features in the game (Starfighter Assault, 40 player MP battles, Darth Maul lightsaber throws, etc.) as well as what you haven’t liked. We know some of our most passionate fans, including those in our subreddit, have voiced their opinions, and we hear you. We’re making the changes to the credit levels for unlocking heroes and we’re going to keep making changes to improve the game experience over time. We welcome the conversation.

While the decrease is great EA, in turn, also decreased the rewards given to players to counter the new cost of the heroes. According to GameInformer, after completing the campaign, players were rewarded 20k credits, that amount has now been dropped to 5k instead. So basically the decrease in cost means nothing if the rewards you get have also been decreased. 

EA cut the cost of Star Wars heroes by 75%. They failed to mention that, according to GameInformer, they've also cut rewards by 75%. "..completing the campaign earned players a unique loot crate that contained 20k credits. That reward is now 5k credits" - Source

The changes to the system will be live from today so if you are picking up the game then you will be experiencing the new in-game purchase prices. We are only getting our hands on the game next week so we cannot report on other price changes such as Star Cards and other loot boxes. These changes could mean that things will indeed be cheaper but until we actually test out the game for ourselves we cannot tell you if it balances out well or not. 

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